Dear Diary: I’m The Submissive Slave Of Your Dreams

Being a submissive slave is much more to be than simply being obedient. For me it’s something I had always aspired to, as well as something I am very passionate about. If given the opportunity to be becum your personal sex slave, I’d vow to be here for you ANY time you needed. Whether I am away at a couples retreat or if my hubby is home and any time in between. Being your submissive slave would be my absolute honor.

Imagine if you could darlin, a situation where you had a woman like me cater to every single fantasy you’ve ever had. I will obey you, I will cherish you and I will ALWAYS be here for you darlin. You will never hear the word, “no” cum out of my filthy fucking mouth. Your time with me is just that, YOUR time. That means it’s all about YOU and what YOU want. I promise that you have never had a sex slave quite like me.

This harlot was bred for pleasure and pain. You know, I was taught to ALWAYS serve my man and to be obedient. That’s just the way it is and I wouldn’t have it any other way. From being on my hands and knees like a bitch in heat, to being your gag queen and everything in between I will do it all. Next, maybe you want a little bitch with whom you can verbally abuse. Perhaps it would please you to rape me in the middle of the night. Or better yet, maybe you want me to get caught by my husband, so you DEMAND a call at 3am during the week day. That’s your choice darlin.

I want to look up at you, with mascara running down my face and beg you for mercy. Then, in that same breath I can beg for your discipline. I can be everything you need and still be your worthless slut. Are you looking for a submissive lady, who doesn’t know any better? Or are you looking for a seasoned foul mouth slave, who knows exactly what it takes to please you? I cum trained or untrained, depending precisely on what you want darlin. Nothing and I do mean nothing, will stop me and, or stand in my way of giving you the sex slave phone sex you need.

What if in real life you were just an average Joe?!?! Maybe you’re paid an average wage and you hold an average position in life. Do people walk all over you? Do they not give you respect you deserve? You could be sick and tired of being sick and tired. THAT is where I cum in darlin. Use me! Use me to build that confidence up. I need you to use me to treat you like the powerful man you’ve always dreamed of being treated like. I will make you feel like a fucking King. After all, you are calling Phone Sex Kingdom and here, you are royalty. The point here, is for you to take command of this naughty Princess and have your way darlin.

Nothing for you my Lord, will be off-limits. My body is your playground and your cock is my temple. Beckon me at your leisure and demand nothing but the very best, because you deserve that and more. Use me to serve your purpose and I promise you, you will not regret it. Until then my Lord, I will be here, humbled and waiting for you! Turn me into your ultimate submissive slave…..