As younger humans, my ex and I are all about living on the edge. Oh, wait, I am still living on the edge now, just in different ways. Of course, he and I love crazy rampage road trip fun.

What are those you are asking yourself? Well, for Alejandro and I, they are wild road trips that include hardcore fucking and some illegal activities. Yes, we did some stealing and roughing up people.

Young, dumb, and full of cum, as the saying goes. Of course, we have all this energy, we are in love and we need things to survive on our trips. Furthermore, to do that, sometimes we have to rob a little gas station here and there.

It is all part of our crazy rampage road trip.

Honestly, at the moment, it all feels right too. Alejandro and I are riding high on the rush of our journey. And, feeling immortal and able to do anything without repercussions.

He and I are loving the fun of traveling and loving each other. It’s like we are unable to get enough of each other. Of course, the more we are on the road trip, the more we are craving each other and the rush.

Similarly, it is as if our crazy rampage road trip is taking over us. The more we travel, the more hardcore we are becoming. Perhaps that is why I am so incredible at Humiliation Phone Sex now.

I can delve deep into old times and use that on my callers!

It is a blast using all that strength inside me for them. Of course, they want my hardcore side to abuse and torture them with my words. I have a plethora of words for these losers.

We are traveling across the states in no hurry to go anywhere in particular. All the world is ours for the taking. Additionally, we can never stay anywhere too long because of the damage we are doing.

Along the way, we are meeting other wayward souls on their own crazy rampage road trip. They are open to play with us too. We love having sex with these strangers along the way.

Our journey is taking us southeast and along the coast.

Of course, as the trip was moving along and we were traveling in Florida, Alejandro has a new idea. We are going to go into all these wealthy homes we are passing and rob them.

Damn, this is getting bigger now. And, my pussy is tingling with the exciting thoughts of pulling it off. Furthermore, he says we are going to be Naughty Sexual Robbers.

Oh, hell, yes. This crazy rampage road trip is a real rush now! We will rob them and we will have sex in front of them too. Not only that, we will pick older snotty couples.

And, we will do naughty things with them.

I am totally into Alejandro and follow all that he says. He has me wear their exquisite and expensive jewelry on my naked body and we sexually tease the homeowners.

Of course, the journey is full of wild sexcapades and experiences. Call me to hear all the naughty details!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke