Cozy Cabin Getaway.

Eager to get out of NYC, my boyfriend and I decided to take a well-deserved vacation to the Poconos. We both worked so hard, so often. All we could think about was kicking off our boots and playing footsie. Hot chocolate, thick socks, and laying by the fire were just top of the list. Particularly, cooking all our dinners at home, just for two, sounded like just what the doctor ordered. Intimate times were soon to come. We just didn’t know we would have more company than planned on our cozy cabin getaway.

A cozy cabin getaway for two?

Well, that’s what we thought at least. We finally arrived at our beautiful little cottage.  Hopping out to crunch our boots on the leaves and smell the crisp fall air. We gave each other a sweet little kiss, only to feel more than just our own eyes gazing upon each other. “Hi.” A tall man said just a few yards away. “I’m in the cabin up the hill, I was just going for a hike. My buddies and I are here having a little pre-bachelor party. What about you guys?” I gripped my boyfriend’s hand, suddenly feeling nervous.

“Oh, we just wanted a little weekend out of the city.”

My boyfriend said with a very NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS undertone. The guy was good-looking, but such a creep. Serious serial killer vibes. His eyes followed my long legs wrapped tight in my off-white leggings as we walked past him. Couldn’t we just enjoy our little cozy cabin getaway without some weirdo causing us paranoia? My boyfriend and I opened the door to our new sweet little spot. As we walked in, I walked past the window while seeing our new neighbor’s eyes penetrate me with intensity. My boyfriend quickly closed the curtains. “Enough of that, how about some you and me time.”

I smiled, while quickly wrapping my arms around his neck.

He picked me up by my ass and I wrapped my legs around him. He set me down by the fireplace and said “I’m going to go grab some firewood love, I’ll be back in 20.” I laid there, getting a little chilly. Closing my eyes, I dreamed of us rolling around on our bear rug by the fire, maybe even getting a proposal. I peaked out the window after about 15 minutes and saw he was at it, chopping wood in the distance. Meanwhile, a hot bath was long overdue and he could start the fire without me. I turned the faucet onto hot,  letting my cozy cabin getaway begin. 

I stripped down and checked the temperature.

Oh, it was just right. Nevertheless, I started to slip in toes first. I gently eased my way in as the pretty white suds and bubbles clung and slid down my olive skin. I pulled the curtain to the window by the tub to see the sun was nearly down. Where was he? As soon as the thought sprang into my head, the front door made a loud slam. “Take it, easy baby, you’re not chopping wood anymore,” I said with a flirty little giggle. I didn’t hear a response. Suddenly the bathroom door opened. There was so much steam it was hard to see. Slowly appeared the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. I said “Babe???” Then, while I looked up through the steamy cloud I saw…

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