We Had Plans To Play With My Cousin

cousin sex stories by Dana

I was going to visit my cousin for the weekend and had told my friend about how hot he was. She grinned and asked if we’d ever done anything together. And I said yes, we had actually, and continued to once in a while. She said she’d played with some of her cousins as well and always had a great time. So incest was not new to her either. I asked her if she’d like to come along for the weekend and she accepted immediately. I had a feeling this weekend was going to be one of my crazier cousin sex stories I’d ever had. And I was correct.

We Were Both So Horny And Ready To Have A Hot Weekend

She liked him right away, I knew there was a spark. And I had a feeling there was going to be a threesome in short order and there was. She and I had played around a few times before. And I’d had a threesome with her and her last boyfriend and it was hot. We’d sort of been looking for a guy to have another threesome with. I’d not thought of my cousin until the opportunity of this weekend presented itself. We all had some wine and our conversation turned to naughty things. And we exchanged some of our naughty cousin sex stories with each other. We both had with various relations and things got hotter from there.

He Was As Hard  As A Rock

I reached over and started to stroke my cousins cock through his jeans. And he was already hard as a rock and I slipped my hand inside and he was dripping pre cum already. It didn’t take long before we were all naked and on his king sized bed. I was on all fours with my cousin’s dick in my cunt.

And I was licking my best friend’s pussy and then her nipples. She was so juicy. She said it all turned her on so much that we were fucking in front of her like this. And I had to admit, my cousin fucked me better than any boyfriend I’d ever had. I was such a bad girl, but it felt good to be bad. He came in my pussy and she asked me to sit on her face so she could lick out his still warm jizz. And her tongue on my clit soon had me cumming again. This time all over her face. And I looked back over my shoulder. My cousin was buried balls deep in her cunt as I rode her tongue.

I Pulled His Cock Out Of Her Cunt And Sucked Off The Juices

We adjusted positions so she was on all fours and him pounding her from behind. And I got underneath her and sucked on her clit while my cousin fucked her. Every so often I’d pull his cock out of her cunt and suck off the juices. And then pop it back in. This was going to be one of my hottest ever cousin sex stories. That is if I ever shared it with anyone. I’d told my last boyfriend I’d fucked my cousin and he thought it was hot as well. And he used to like to role play he was my brother when we fucked sometimes. We had a hot weekend at the cousins.
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