Gisele loves hot cousin sex storiesI’m sure many of us have some fun kissing cousin sex stories

I’m sure many of us have some fun kissing cousin sex stories. But mine is a fond memory for sure. I was listening to the radio recently and heard a song that brought it back to mind. My cousin was in the band that wrote the song, so it brought it back to my mind how bad I had it for him when I was in my teens and I wanted him so badly. I would tease him and do shameless things in the hopes of getting his attention. He said he’d never cross that line and fuck me since I was his cousin. Even though I said I didn’t care, and he said I was too young as well, I also didn’t care. I would say things to him like how I thought of him when I masturbated late at night alone in my bed thinking of fucking him. I was very naughty being so forward and saying such things.

He Was Great At Eating My Pussy

After enough flirting with him though. He said he’d finally do oral with me which I figured was better than nothing. So it’s not as complete as some cousin sex stories would be, but it’s mine. We were alone one night and he started kissing me and then kissing down my breasts and my tummy to my young pussy and he went down on me wonderfully. He was a very skilled pussy licker and made me cum explosively with his tongue. He took my inner lips into his mouth and sucked on them. Darted his tongue in and out of my juicy, teenaged cunt. Flickering that tongue all over that stiff little clit that was standing up begging for his attentions.My clit was teased and sucked and played with as never before and it was heaven. And I was just squirming under him as I came all over his gorgeous face.

I Pumped And Squeezed His Cock

I wanted to please him too, but he said a handjob would be good enough. We were stroking his cock together, and he was as hard as a rock, and big. I loved touching it, wrapping my hand around his shaft pumping it and squeezing it. And seeing the little drops of pre cum form at the tip and I’d smooth them over his cock head with the tip of my thumb to get it all slippery and wet. I so wanted to suck him, but I just kept stroking him. And he was rubbing the head of his dick on my panties, I wanted it to penetrate me.

And I could feel him against me with only that thin fabric of the panties between us. He was rubbing it faster and faster against the panties covering my young pussy, and all of a sudden he shot his load on the panties and on my tummy. Maybe I should give him a call. And see if he’d like to write another chapter in our little book of cousin sex stories. Maybe now that he’s older, he would be more apt to take things further, one can always hope, anyway!

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