Cousin Sex Stories – Have you ever fantasized about playing with a sexy relative? Admit it, I know you have!

Cousin sex stories make me SO hot. After all, you know that old saying, don’t you? “Candy is dandy, but incest is best!” If you enjoy family sex stories, read on!

My main fuck buddy Derek and I returned home late, after a night on the town. Although my twin cousins Riley and Emily were staying with me, the house was dark when we arrived.

Since the girls said they had an all-night marathon session with their study group at the campus library, Derek and I had the whole place to ourselves.

As we passionately kissed our way down the dimly-lit hallway toward my bedroom suite, we became aware of a faint, buzzing sound.

Nearly reaching my room, we paused in the doorway, looking at each other curiously. We could also hear soft, panting moans.

No one was supposedly home, so who was in there? Intrigued, we peeked inside. A single light illuminated the scene. In addition, a lacy purple thong was on the floor.

Several of my sex toys were scattered around the king-sized bed, along with a few I hadn’t seen before. Laying in the middle of this toy extravaganza was my barely legal cousin Emily, her thighs spread wide. All she wore was a thin, white wife-beater tee that was currently  bunched up around her neck.

She was slowly pumping my favorite vibrating dildo in and out of her sweet, bald teen pussy, the motion of the toy making juicy sounds. Eyes closed tight and lost in what had to be an amazingly erotic fantasy, Emily writhed, seemingly unaware of our presence.

I knew that she had been attracted to us both for a long time. Just last week, we caught her watching us from a window as we enjoyed a midnight fuck out by the pool. Indeed, knowing that she could see us made me cum extra hard!

Cousin Sex Stories: I licked my lips as Derek and I looked at each other, both realizing how turned on we were. I could see his thick, BBC straining under his jeans.

Kissing my sexy black boyfriend passionately, I slowly eased down Derek’s zipper. Then together, we moved toward the bed as my irresistibly hot, young cousin opened her eyes …

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