Couple looking for a couple to play with.

Couple looking for a couple to play with. The naughtier the better. She is a smoking hot blonde with perky 36 D tits. He is a buff hard bodied dark haired sexy guy with a huge cock. We are looking for a sexy ass couple that is not afraid to get down and dirty. Couple looking for a couple to play with.

Looking for someone with the same sexual desire that we have.

No limits and all taboos are welcome. Please send pictures. That is our add on tinder.  Amazed at the number of people that replied. We weeded out some of the ones that didn’t send pictures or the ones that were just not turning us on. There were a few with small penises that were a no also. Now that we got that out of the way we found a couple that we liked and emailed them. Couple looking for a couple to play with. Agreeing to meet us for drinks we set up a date.

We went and met Alex and Casey.

Things went really well. We exchanged stories about our fantasies. Michael even opened up to them and told them he has always wanted to be fisted. Alex told us how Casey has fisted him a few times. As Alex was telling Michael how to prepare his asshole for the fisting, Casey and I started our own side conversation. We were comparing all of our toys we own.

I think that this might be our play couple.

They are looking for serious commitment. They want to get together for kinky fun a few times a month. Couple looking for a couple to play with, I think we may have found them. Everything seems to be going well all we need to do is find out if we are compatible sexually. It was now closing time and we were being kicked out of the bar.

I was kind of bummed, I didn’t want the night to end.

This is when Casey said it didn’t have to. They have tons of drinks at their house. She also informed us that they have a hot tub in the back yard. I thought this is going to be a perfect way to end the night. Couple looking for a couple to play with, when we got there we poured some drinks and made our way to the back yard. Alex uncovered the hot tub and Casy pulled out a box full of waterproof toys.

Getting undressed and climbing in the hot tub felt so good.

We said cheers to the beginning of a wonderful night. All l want is sex and I am pretty sure that I will be having a lot of it tonight. So I don’t want to spoil the story and give away all the dirty little details. If you want to know what happened in the hot tub with all of us, you are going to have to call me on my phone sex kingdom number. I promise to tell you all the naughty details when you do.

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