All I want is sex, just sex.

All I want is sex, you don’t need to warm bam me in 5 minutes. I want to take the time for us to explore. I want my tongue to caress every inch of your body. Your tongue will do the same to mine. Our bodies will melt into each other as we lay in each other’s arms.

Feeling our hot breath on each other.

Our lips kissing softly. As your tongue enters my mouth I will massage wit with mine. As you grab my breast and kiss your way down to it I will be running my hands all up and down your back. Using my nails I will send shivers down your spine making your cock begin to become hard and erect.

All I want is sex.

So my hand will make its way onto your hard cock and continue to make it harder. While I am doing that I want you to take your first two fingers and finger my pussy. Make it nice and wet, prepare it for your hard cock. All I want is sex so please come up between my legs and slowly insert your penis inside of me. Lifting my legs up and around your waist.

I will pull you closer to me.

Inserting that cock in me and letting my pussy stroke it as you thrust in and out is making it wetter and wetter. I can begin to fell my pussy juice dripping down my ass. Moving my feet to the bed will allow me to your downward thrusts with my upward thrusts.

Completely burying your cock deep inside of me.

Raising my hips a little will allow you to enter me on a slight angle. All I want is sex and by doing this we will be at the right position to let the head pound against my g spot. My pussy will start to tingle and my clit will throb I will feel my legs getting weak. I will not give up I will hold on to my orgasm. All I want it sex I want us to cum together. Not wanting to release my orgasm until you are ready to fill me with your white creamy baby batter.

Yes, I want to feel your cum squirt deep inside of me

Our cum will mix together so just let me know when you are ready. I can hardly take it anymore I am ready to explode. Then I hear you whisper in my ear that you are ready to cum.

Releasing my orgasm was such a relief.

My body was trembling as your warm cum ejaculated full force inside of me. My heart is racing and I feel yours doing the same. As we lay there in each other’s arms catching our breath

I am thankful that I have such a diverse sex life.

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