Countryman Copulation Is Exactly What I Desire For a Lifetime.

Countryman copulation is what I crave!  It could be Lee Brice, Black Shelton, or any character from Virgin River.  There is something about a man in a denim shirt, and a pair of Red Wings that makes my soul shift and my legs spread like butterfly wings.

Mmmmm… He is so yummy!

Where can I find a doctor like Jack from the Netflix series “Virgin River.”  No better yet!  Please give me a Doc Vernon! The more distinguished and masculine the better.  There is something about a man in a collared shirt and a starry gaze that melts me like the Wicked Witch.  A countryman takes my breath away as if I had asthma, I begin to hyperventilate and anticipate our future copulation session.

Give me a man with strong hands and a love for the land.  I want to smell all of his adventures and tap into the joys of his spirit.  May it be full of thrilling delight with every touch and smooth as good whisky.  Geeze I love a man that drinks brown liquor!  Tell me what I’m going to drink to wash my woes away!  Order my food for me.  Open the door for me and always wait for me to go inside before you leave me.

Be a Gentleman, but Don’t

Take me out in the middle of the woods for a walk down to the river and never waiver.  Let me get to know you and feel your energy.  Flex those muscles and mindfully attentive transgressions against all that is sanctified and fornicate with me!

Take me on a picnic and ravage me in the midst of an open field.  I can have a smidgen of countryman copulation juice for dessert.  Glaze my second pair of lips with your countryman copulation and impregnate me, but please don’t make me a Charmaine.

Why Do Fools Fall In Love?

Be my best friend like Vernon and Hope.  No one knows us better.  Love to hate my quirks, yet always draw me near.  Chase after me like Preacher chases Paige.  Call me on my mess!  Tell me it is hogwash!  Hold me and feed me your undying interest in me and all of my crazy.  Just don’t lead me on and toy with me like Charmaine.

You’re my kind of crazy!  Make it sound off loud and proud!  Don’t just marry me.  Be my confidant, indulge in my crazy, and fancy all of my lady parts.  Build a place to make a home for us.  Take me to all the spaces that show me you.  I need to feel you and taste your memories as I intake your seminal fluid.

Come On!

Give it to me.  I need my countryman copulation.  Don’t worry about monogamy.  I’ve never truly practiced that and neither have you.  Don’t worry, we are consenting adults.  I know how to mind my business, so you can keep your Charmaine.  I’ll never act like Hope and push everyone away nor compete with your other lady friends.  We can all have a little fun.  So play nice and sit before my altar for a spell.  Speak into the praying hands between my lips, and feel the Virgin River flow into you.  Look up at me and say: “I saw God today when I looked in your eyes and saw my soul.”

Your telephonic relief is waiting. Book your session of hot phone sex and enjoy this country gal seeking countryman copulation.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke