It was a Saturday night and my friends, Lily and Tina were in town for the week.  I picked them up at the airport, brought them to my house to get changed and then we headed to the best Italian restaurant in the city.  The food is heavenly and they have live music and a well appointed lounge area which was perfect for a night of serious drinking.

We skipped dinner and went right to the lounge where we promptly ordered our first round of drinks.  This restaurant had a special Italian Margarita made with Amaretto.  On my third of these drinks, I noticed the young and very good looking bus boy who came and cleared our empty glasses.  He smiled at us politely and glanced away quickly.  

The three of us laughed as he scooted away, face turning bright red.  

“Extremely fuckable.”  Lily said as she began to sip her next drink.  Tina and I agreed.  They were married just as I was and escaping their husbands for the weekend.  However, my husband had been away on business for almost a month and I was starting to feel like a masturbation addict.  The next time the bus boy came over, I decided I would get some real action.  No creamy fingers for me tonight.

“Hey.  What’s your name?”  I asked him as he put our glasses on a tray.  

“Me?” he asked, looking surprised.  

“Yes.  You.” I smiled my most sultry smile at him as my friends chuckled in amusement.  

“Jeff.”  he said and then stood there, unsure of himself.  

“Jeff, is there a private restroom in this building?”  I asked.  “I hate using the one down here.  Piss all over the floor, bits of toilet paper all over the place…”  

“I actually just went and it’s pretty clean – “ Lily started to say but I saw Tina elbow her and she closed her mouth quickly.

Jeff thought for a minute and then snapped his fingers.  “Yeah.  In the back where the offices are.  It’s locked now but I can get the key if you want me to.”  

“Oh, yes, I want you to.”  I said and watched him scurry away to find the key.  My friends laughed at me and teased me about robbing the cradle and all that.  Jeff came back and led me to the very back of the building.  He unlocked a door to an office and ushered me inside.  He pointed to the door in the office that led to the restroom but I locked the office door instead.  

“I don’t really need the restroom.”  I said walking over to the desk.  I pushed a few papers aside, lifted my skirt and pulled my panties off, tossing them on the desk chair.  Jeff looked stunned and confused.  “What…what…” he stammered but I put both of my feet on the desk and leaned back on my elbows.  He stared at my pussy and walked over, pulling his zipper down as he approached me.  

Without even removing his pants, he reached into his unzipped pants and pulled his dick out, which was already rock hard.  He pushed my legs wider apart and just stuck his dick inside my very wet pussy.  I wrapped my legs around his waist and held his shoulders as he began to pound his meat into me.  He was moaning and grunting and he watched his dick going in and out of my cunt the whole time.  

It was over in about three minutes but it was just what I needed.  I orgasmed all over his young cock as he drenched my pussy with his fresh batch of creamy cum.   He zipped up quickly and waited while I put my skirt and panties back on and we headed casually back to the dining room.

We were back so quickly that my friends accused me of chickening out and not being able to go through with the seduction.  I shrugged my shoulders, deciding to keep this one a secret.  

“Maybe next time.”  I said as I sipped my fresh drink.

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