Cotton Panties, puffy nipples and my Uncle

Cotton panties! I love them. Do you love cotton panties?

How do they look on a tight round ass? How do they snug up into the crack? How do they envelope plump pussy lips? Also, How do they hold the sweet (or not) scent of a woman?

When I was younger, I remember my Uncle coming with us to our vacation house for the summer. My parents had to go back home and deal with my older brother. It was only a 2 hour drive, but they decided to stay the night so my Uncle volunteered to watch my sister and I.

He’s the fun Uncle. Always paid attention to us and came up with fun games to play, we wrestled, played football, dressed up. All things a good Uncle should do.

This was the summer that my boobs decided to grow.

I felt like everyone noticed too. My mom talked about it, my brother AND my sister. The only ones who didn’t seem to pay attention was my dad and Uncle. After my shower, I put lotion all over, pulled on my pretty cotton panties and an over-sized long t-shirt hoping my Uncle still wouldn’t notice my puffy little nipples. I jogged down the stairs and was immediately excited.

Movie night?? Yes! My sister was already kicked back on the recliner and I plopped down next to my favorite Uncle. Texas Chainsaw followed by I know what you did last summer. AWESOME!

What I really loved though is that I’d be under the covers next to my Uncle. And I knew what that meant. I could feel my cotton panties getting wet as I laid back on the sofa putting my legs over my Uncles lap. After a while, and my sister was sound asleep, I nestled my face into the pillow and pretended to start falling asleep. Laying half way on my side I could feel my Uncle lift the covers up so he could see my cute round butt once he thought I was sleeping.

I could feel my cotton panties getting wet as I laid back on the sofa putting my legs over my Uncles lap.

I started to breathe a little harder so he knew I “really” was sleeping, turning over so I was flat on my back and my legs a little spread, I could feel his dick getting bigger against my right thigh. He lifted up my shirt just enough for him to peek under. Gingerly he slid his fingers under my shirt and I could feel his fingertips moving back and forth on my puffy nipple until it was tight and hard. I could feel my clit tingling in my cotton panties.

I felt the warm fingers of his other hand inside of my thighs, gently nudging them even further apart. So I anticipated the moment his fingers would hit my panties. I moaned and moved a little and tried to push harder against my Uncles dick, but his fingers never did touch my young pussy. Why wont he touch me there? I was so wet. I was so ready. He could have done anything that night.

Want to help me fulfill this fantasy? Do you have an itch for incest? Let’s satisfy each others needs.

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