Cookie Dough and Kitchen Sex

When I woke up I had no idea I’d be having Kitchen Sex today but.. I had just got the kids off to school and the hubby was long gone at work, as always.  It is my day for snacks at practice this afternoon and being the loving, caring homemaker everyone thinks I am I decide to whip up something from scratch.  I get out the ingredients and begin mixing flour, eggs, milk, sugar and oil…Oh shit! I spill oil all over my robe.  The oven beeps hot and ready so I decide to just take the robe off so I can get these cookies in to bake.  I am standing in the kitchen in nothing but panties and now flour and oil all over me.  I hear the doorbell but obviously I cannot answer it so I ignore whoever it is.  I’m humming and dancing and whisking away.  I dump in the chocolate chips and as I steal a handful for myself, shoving them in my mouth, I turn to find my neighbor, who has an emergency key, standing there watching the show I didn’t know I was putting on.


Without a word he stalks toward me, grabs me by the waist and throws me on the counter.  He takes a handful of the cookie dough and rubs it on my breasts then proceeds to lick it off, sucking and nibbling my nipples as he kneads my tits.  He made a trial of chocolate chips down to my dripping wet pussy as he rips my panties off.  Then he rubs the dough from clit to asshole and begins to devour me.  By the time we were done we were both covered in cookie dough head to toe and I ended up buying cookies at the store on the way to practice.   I would say it was a Housewife fail but it was way too hot and fun to be a fail.  The next day I left a box of cookies on his front porch with a note letting him know I would make cookies for him anytime…

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