In a few days, I will be eighteen, and I’m stuck in a hospital!  I have been in the hospital off and on for the past 8 years.  I have a chronic condition that has caused me a great deal of pain.  However, I am still a young man!  I have never been with a girl or a woman, and I have never had a girlfriend.  I tried hot phone sex once or twice, but I knew it was not the same.  There is this really sexy nurse, Cassandra, that reminds me of my mom, a MILF I think it is called.  I hope I can convince the nurse to fuck me ’cause I might die soon.

She worked on my birthday!

Cassandra only works on Tuesdays, Wednesday’s and Thursdays, but I got lucky because my birthday was going to be on a Wednesday.  When she arrived on the unit today, she looked so sexy, sexier than she had ever looked before! She had on a brand-new set of scrubs with Marvel characters on them.  I Loved Marvel!  As soon as she saw me, her face seemed to glow brighter.  “Happy Birthday, and welcome to manhood!”

She made me so Hard!

I was so excited by the sight of her.  Her skin was tight and free from blemishes.  She was curvaceous but not fat despite having three children.  When she cared for me, she was always so gentle and empathetic.  Tonight I found myself staring a Cassandra more than normal.  The hospital went all out for my birthday.  I had a special dinner from dining services and chocolate cake with some of my favorite Marvel characters on it.  My eighteenth birthday was not so bad, but there was still just one thing missing.  I hope I can convince her to fuck me because I might die soon!

Was this going to be like every other time?

It was finally bath time!  When all the parents left the unit for the night and all the dinner and snack trays were cleaned up, it was time to get ready for bed.  Nurse Cassandra was always assigned to help me at bath time.   I enjoyed my baths with her.  I was usually so embarrassed during our bath time because her touch made my dick so hard.  She never made mention of it or made me feel ashamed.   During tonight’s bath, I did not feel bad on my eighteenth birthday when I got an erection.  I was so proud to show Nurse Cassandra just how hard my manhood could get.

She locked the door!

As I went into the bathroom, she seemed different tonight.  Once we were both in the bathroom with all of my stuff, Nurse Cassandra locked the door; she never locked the door!  Nurse Cassandra turned on the water and made sure the temperature was just right. I got undressed like I always do, but I did not bother to hide my hard dick from her sight.  I sat down in the shower chair, and Nurse Cassandra started to lather the soap.  She washed and caressed me all over my body in my most intimate crevasses.  Now is the time for me to convince the nurse to fuck me ’cause I might die soon.

Then, all my dreams came true!  After she rinsed the soap from my body, Nurse Cassandra got on her knees and started to suck on my hard, eighteen-year-old dick.  It was amazing!  A feeling that I had never felt before.  All the pain in my body was suddenly lifted away!  She slurped and gagged as she stroked.  She even licked and sucked on my balls.

As she was putting her mouth on me, I closed my eyes.  When I opened my eyes again, Nurse Cassandra had removed her pants and was climbing on top of me.  She grabbed my hard, thick rod and inserted it into her tight moist box of passion.  Bouncing up and down on my cock, I could feel every inch of her vagina, and her big tits hit me in the face with every stroke.  I had waited for this moment for so long, but I did not want to disappoint the beautiful woman that was before me.

I came too quick, but she did not care!

As my fears were realized, I came soon after I was inserted inside of her.  It didn’t matter though, I stayed hard, and she kept riding me until she came!  It was amazing!  Nurse Cassandra climbed down, got herself together, gave me one final rise, and turned off the water.  She put me into bed like she did when she worked any other night.  As Nurse Cassandra tucked me in, she said, “Happy Birthday!  Welcome to manhood!”  I knew I could convince the nurse to fuck me ’cause I might die soon!

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