As a powerful diva, I have a complete stable of men following me at any given time. They range from gorgeous stallion to pathetic little mule. To keep them all in line I love using my controlling sensual domination.

It is without a doubt the best way to go. Of course, I get pleasure out of it, and depending on which guy it is, sometimes, they do too. The stallions always get pleasure. These men are beasts of beauty.

Strong, smart, handsome, and often, hung like a horse. These fine gentlemen deserve to cum with me. And, cum we all do, again and again. A lot of these lovers enjoy my Naughty Erotic Edging.

Using controlling sensual domination as I take them to the edge.

Then, back to the edge again. Of course, I am going to the edge with them. It is absolutely exquisite playing with men this amazing. They love turning over all the control to me. Letting go of everything while I take charge of them with controlling sensual domination.

A lot of them are powerful men in society and spend their days busy running the world. With me, they let go of all of that. I am in complete control and in charge of everything when we are together.

They love it. Of course, they also love this sexy Latina goddess and her amazing attributes. Not only am I beautiful but I am brilliant as well. I am the complete package. And, I come without strings attached.

Then, there are the lower-stable residents.

I like to call them my mules because they don’t even rate me as a horse. These are the lower-level of men. True losers. Men with tiny dicks. They are not even worthy of sex with someone as fabulous as me. I do use my controlling sensual domination on them.

However, it is harsher and comes with the hardcore side of me. Lots of humiliation and touch of BDSM too. When I use the tease and denial on these men, there is no release. Well, not for them anyway. I get to cum.

I also love giving them my full SPH attention. They are the men who hide their little dicks from women until it is too late. These guys let the girls fall in love with them before showing them their inadequate appendages.

They deserve everything I pile on them!

Of course, my favorite time is with the stallions. We all walk away satisfied with amazing climaxes. Don’t get me wrong, I love making the mule’s lives hard. It is a pleasure using my controlling sensual domination on all of them.

Having men bow down to worship me is awesome. They all know it is a gift to be in my presence and act accordingly. The domination is just backup to make sure they don’t forget. Okay, it is also fun to be mean to the lower levels.

So, what about you? Which level are you? Do I get to use my Humiliation Phone Sex on you?!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke