Confessions of a sex addict, let us explore the minds.

Confessions of a sex addict, have you ever wondered what qualifies someone as a sex addict? I know have, I always wonder if I am a sex addict. To tell you the truth I have done a lot of crazy sex acts in my life. Maybe I am one, maybe not. Looking on google I found a quiz so I took it.

Confessions of a sex addict the first question was asking if I keep secrets about my sexual behavior or my fantasies?

Yes, I do, not many people know that I have slept with as many men as I have. Actually, I have no idea what my number really is. There were many drunken nights that I do not recall. My theory was that if I bought a four-pack of douches on a Saturday night and came home with none left it was a good night.

Confessions of a sex addict, do you lead a double life with your sex life?

Yes, actually I do. Not many people know that I am a phone sex operator. My family is the type that if anything is wrong or different we don’t talk about it. SHHH…. we just sweep it all under the rug and pretend it does not exist. One of my biggest fears is that one of my family members would see my picture online and disown me. Yes, they would be searching for sex online but that would not matter to my parents. That’s where our family sex story is, right underneath the rug, and that is where it will stay according to my mother. So that is where I keep my secret about masturbating on the phone with random men.

Confessions of a sex addict, have your desires driven you to have sex with people you would normally never consider or in shady places?

Yes to this question also. I have had sex in some of the worst alleys in the worst neighborhoods. Not to mention with some of the nastiest people I have ever seen. All that just to get a piece of ass. Sometimes I disgust myself with the people I have fucked just to achieve an orgasm. Noticing that the more you have sex the harder it is to orgasm. Well, it is that way for me.

Confessions of a sex addict, do you watch porn and use it to occupy large amounts of your day?

This one is kind of iffy. I do not watch a whole lot of porn, it is usually at night when I am alone and masturbating. Mostly I like to video myself having sex or sliding my vibrator in and out of my wet pussy. This is what I spend most of my time watching that. So technically it is not porn it is homemade movies. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Confessions of a sex addict, do your relationships become all about sex and nothing else?

Yes, and I have been known to exit a few relationships in my time because they could not keep up with my sexual lifestyle. Most of my relationships end in the same destructive way. If you cant keep up with me then do not get upset if I find someone who can. If you don’t want me to cheat then learn to keep up. There are these little blue pills you can get from the doctor to help you with that.

Confessions of a sex addict, have your sex actions caused you legal problems?

I have never been convicted of anything that has to do with sex. There was one time that I could have been though. I was in a bar parking lot and in the backseat of a car with a gentleman. I was on top of him riding him when an officer approached us. Well needless to say that the poor man I was with didn’t get to finish, but on the bright side I was nice and wet for the officer and we did finish.

Confessions of a sex addict, do your sexual activities involve a threat of contracting a disease?

Don’t all sexual activities? If you are with the same partner for 20 years and no one cheats you can still contract an std from a public toilet seat. I don’t think this is a fair question. But in answer to the question yes it could. That is one of my biggest fears is to have an std. I have made it my whole life without one and would like to continue to do so.

Confessions of a sex addict, have you ever used a foreign object to masturbate with that was not intended for that purpose?

Like I said at the beginning that anything can be a dildo if you are brave enough. I will use anything I can find to shove up inside of my pussy and make me cum.

So according to this little quiz I took, I am a sex addict and not a slut.

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