Family sex story, a family isn’t always blood-related.

In this blog, you will read about a family that welcomed a new neighbor into their family. Family sex story, he also welcomes them into his life and opens up their eyes to new and exciting things.

The mom.

Her name is Kimberly, she is 36, and a single mom, and a very open-minded woman. Raising her children in a very modern environment lifestyle. Kimberly is very pretty with a knockout body. She is very materialistic, loving all the nicer things in life. Teaching her children to also be open-minded and not to settle for anything but the best.

The daughter.

Her name is Emily she is a 14-year-old girl who acts a lot like her mom. She is also very flirtatious and worries about looking perfect. Basically, her mother has brainwashed her. Telling her that she has to be perfect to marry perfect.

The son.

Max is his name and he is 12. Kimberly is always telling him that he has to do good in school to get an amazing job. He will need this amazing job to marry a trophy wife. A beautiful woman on your arm will make you strive for more out of life. Max is at the stage in his life where he is in puberty and trying to find himself in this life he is living.

The neighbor.

Kenny is the new neighbor, moved in the house just a few months before. Kenny is 45 and single, He has never been married and has no children.

To Kimberly and the rest of the neighbors, Kenny is just an ordinary guy.

But they all wondered why if he is single and has no kids, would he buy such a big house with a huge pool. One day Kimberly decided to ask him why this was so. Explaining that he has proposed to 2 different women and they both turned him down. Kimberly’s brain had a thousand thoughts running through it. Maybe he has a small dick, maybe he is bad in bed, or just maybe he doesn’t eat pussy.

They would all soon find out because Kenny is a nudist.

That would for sure be a deal-breaker. He also explained that he loved the neighborhood and when the house came on the market he decided to jump on it. The pool was a bonus. He is hoping to make friends in the neighborhood and have BBQs. Everyone can bring their families and swim.

Fast forward a year now.

Kenny has become part of the family. He is like everyone’s favorite uncle to the rest of the kids in the neighborhood. This particular day was hot and humid. Kenny told Kimberly to bring the kids over and swim and he will make burgers on the grill. Because she knew the kids would love it she accepted. As they started to swim Emily took off her bikini top. She said she needed to do this so she wouldn’t get tan lines. There were her perfect tight young titties out there for everyone to see.

As soon as Kenny saw this he instantly got hard.

He was so big and so hard that he was all the way out of his speedo. Family sex story, Kimberly noticed her son, Max staring at Kenny’s giant cock. She also noticed that Max was getting a hard-on underneath his swimsuit. She decided to ask Kenny to take her son to the side and have the birds and bees talk with him. He agreed. She and her daughter were watching from a distance. After a few moments, they witnessed the boys take off their swimsuits and start masturbating.

Emily was so confused so she asked her mom to explain.

Her mom told her about masturbation and showed her how she does it to herself. Now all 4 of them were masturbating. Kenny saw the girls masturbating and brought Maxx out so he could see how females do it. Max asked if this is what sex is. Kinny said it was the beginning stages of sex.

He grabbed Kimberly and began to demonstrate what sex was to her children.

As he released his cum all inside of her he looked over at the kids for approval. Emily was so turned on and loved it. Max, well Max, questioned what happens if 2 boys have sex. That is when they knew Max could possibly be gay. Then Emily said there was a black boy that she liked and asked if sex with him was the same. So now they are discussing gay sex and ebony and ivory sex. If you have a family sex story to share with me call me on my phone sex number.

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