Your confessions gone wrong and right at the same time. Your sin and un-natural secrets create the greatness of pleasure for my sadistic nature. After only the first couple of sessions, I knew how I could use you and your dark hidden, dirty little secret.

Therapist says that everything you to talk about will only be between the two of you.

Confessions gone wrong when you confide in a savage therapist. Her allure already draws you in. Her sweet nature matched with her seductive voice makes feel safe, that is until the day you confessed that you love to cross-dress. The only thing is, it’s confined to your bedroom. Only within those safe walls will you dare put on that libidinous attire that hugs your body in the right place. It make you feel so good, so at home.

Engrave within your soul is the love for “women’s” clothes.

It all started when you were younger of course. Curiosity got the best of you didn’t it? You’d playhouse with your sister and her friends which dressing up was apart of. From what you’ve confessed you didn’t like it at first. Even though you had a coldness at the fact that you wore girlie clothes from the panties to the dress, you grew enchanted by how good it felt. Those soft sexy panties and how they hugged you so right. It didn’t matter what apparel was put on you because it always felt so good.

You cried and pleaded not to wear it hiding the fact that you have become infatuated with it all. Secretly wearing the clothes from the dirty clothes hamper. Rubbing yourself through the panties from all of the excitement of your secret. Leaving the pieces of clothing covered in your cum. Mommy never could pinpoint what those stains were all over the dirty clothes.

Therapy has been going great.

You’ve been doing great with the homework assignments that I’ve been giving to you. You are now able to walk through your entire house dressed in your girlie best. When before, as the result of you being so ashamed of your love for dress-up time, it was restricted to the bedroom. We’ve gone over how hard your heart pounded as you started to stroll then strut around your domicile.

You start showing up to your therapy sessions with those panties on one week. You get a bit more comfortable and shown up in kitten heels, thigh high stockings, or even a bra. Fortunately, I’ve gathered some other things for you to test the waters in while in session. You always compliment me on how I dress. You adore my side zip-up pencil skirts, 6 inch high heels, button-down blouses.

I remember how you asked to see what I wore underneath. As I undress those piercing blue eyes of your lit up. You stood up and softly stroked my lace bikini bottoms. You encircled my body and I stood there letting you admire my flawlessness. To your surprise I retrieved a bag of clothes just for you. I helped you get into your very first matching lace set of matching bra and panties. As you stood in front of the full-length mirror admiring yourself you came. I assured you that It was fine and we spent out sessions dressing, undressing and wearing those sexy clothes.

We’re past the stage of homework, so this is where your confessions gone wrong gets even more interesting.

You have done so many tasks and homework assignments. You’ve started wearing panties under your work pants and so much more. Of course, it’s time to go out for a night on the town. I won’t just shove you into this. I want you to be very comfortable. The panties felt the same as when you wore them to work. So I told you to go all the way. Full, makeup, and dress as well as the shoes to make.

Heavy eye shadow, matte lipstick, push up blue lace bra and panties, short black shirt. Those black heels make those shaved legs of yours pop. You notice how that hidden animal in you unleashes when you’re in your go mode. As the weekends progress, I bring to your attention the timing. You need to start feeling that bra and stop admiring my titts so much. I mean you squeeze my tits way too much and those nips of yours aren’t working anymore.

As a result of you wanting this so badly through your confessions gone wrong, I have started giving you hormones. You see that your clothes are being filled out way better. Your voice is even softer. It has gotten to the point that you talk more in our sessions that I do. Your hair is growing longer and your sense of style is impeccable. Do you think this a really a confession gone wrong or forced right?

Confessions gone wrong

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