Sweet 16 came quickly and my mother had divorced her 2nd husband and was preparing for her 3rd husband. He was just as meek (she loved her men to bow to her) but this one had a son, he was 19 years old and had graduated from highschool. He was taking a break from schooling so when me and mom moved into his fathers house where he was living he was surprised by our abrupt appearance into the house. The day after I turned 16 and my party guests had left the house my mother approached me.

“Luna dear don’t you think Glens son is very pretty for a boy?” she asked seating herself at the kitchen table beside me.

“Yes mother Jason is rather feminine but why are you asking me?” I took another bite of my cheerios.

“You’ve been watching me insert my dominance for some time and I feel…well it’s time to teach you and Jason is the perfect starter. I know he’ll make the perfect little sissy boy for you. Now tonight at midnight I want you to meet me in the basement downstairs”

I nodded my head at my mother “Of course Mom” I told her and she shifted up going over to the counter and grabbing her purse. “Perfect! I’m going shopping be good and enjoy your day today sweetheart! Summer break is so beautiful and you she enjoy it!” She told me cheerily heading out.

When I was done with breakfast I put on some clothes and headed over to my friends place, her older brother had been nice enough to pick me up from my new house. Mom had left me one of her credit cards like usual, since her soon to be next husband was footing the bill for everything I could have whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. That day it was my friends brother, i’d been teasing him by leaning forward showing off my huge tits. When my friend was called away it was the perfect chance for me.

Leaning towards him I put his hand boldly on my tit “I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in your pants” i purred to him. Leaning forward and nibbling at his ear, leaving his shuddering in pleasure. “I really love your tits” he confessed as I slid down and pushed him back to be seated. Taking off my shirt I fished out his cock and let my lips wrap around it. Taking it out once he was throbbing I placed it between my milky mounds and let him tit fuck me all the while sucking on his cock each time it came up.

It wasn’t long till i’d milked that cock of a nice creamy load. He drove me home and I spent the rest of my day watching t.v. and relaxing in my new room eagerly awaiting my training.