Come Hither Foot Fetish Lover …. Suckle My Toes

I have very sexy feet and I always make sure that my toenails have been recently pedicured with a coat of red polish. Red is my favorite color; it just screams sex. I put on a matching set of black lingerie and black stocking, leaving off the rest of my clothes. I didn’t need them and waited for my fuck buddy to arrive. He’s got a foot fetish, a raw desire to suckle toes, worship feet rub those stockings all over his body!

Alex’s eyes practically popped out of his head when he saw me and he practically pushed past me to get into my place. I closed the door and we went the bedroom. I walked in front and could feel his eyes on my ass as I went up the stairs. When we got in the bedroom I ran my hands over the top of my thighs, making the stocking slip softly over my skin. He went over to me and started touching me, his hands stroking my thighs as we kissed. I kept contact with him as we went to the bed and I sat on the edge of it. He went to join me and I pushed him off the bed, making him kneel in front of me.

I held a leg out to him and he stayed down there, holding my leg in his hand.

He massaged my foot and then slowly moved up my leg. My foot brushed his lap and I could feel a small bulge there. I pressed my foot down on it, rubbing him through his trousers. His dick got harder ad he pushed his hips up, rubbing himself on the underside of my foot as his hands kneaded me harder. “How bad do you want me?” I murmured as my toes kneaded his bulge and he looked at me.

He said nothing as he let me go and undid his trousers, pulling his dick out.

He held it in one hand and rubbed it over my stocking-covered foot, smearing pre-cum over it. Then he moaned as the stocking slid over it and I put my feet around his dick. It throbbed on my soles and I pushed on his shaft, teasing him. I held his dick between them as he began thrusting his hips up and down. His dick slid between my feet, the head popping up every few seconds. He put his hands around my feet and squeezed them harder around him as he groaned and told me how good it felt. He kept going and going, the stockings slipping between us as he fucked my feet. It was so hot seeing how bad he wanted this. Suddenly he swore and started to cum.

I looked at the blobs of white cum that were splattered all over my black stockings and pretended to get all mad.

“Look what you did! You ruined them!” I took off my stocking and threw them at him. “Ewww, some of your nasty cum leaked through.” I held one foot up to his mouth, the light glinting off the red polish as I pushed it against his lips. He opened his mouth and put his lips around my toe. His tongue flicked over it and he began sucking on it while his hands held my foot, his fingers rubbing over me.

I wiggled my toe on his tongue and his mouth moved faster. After a few minutes, I slid my toe out of his mouth and looked at it. My toe was covered in his spit. “Good job. Now do the other 9.”  Are you ready to indulge me?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke