I was a college sugar baby, and I was used to my sugar daddy being in control, even if it was a digital sugaring relationship. Not just because I’m a sub (well, actually I’m a switch) but because he was the one with the money. If he’s paying the bill, he gets to make the choices – that just made sense to me. So when my daddy at the time asked me if I wanted to be in control, I wasn’t opposed. I was a bit surprised, but definitely not opposed.

The First Time

“Now, don’t be too hard on me,” he warned with a good-natured smile. This college sugar baby was raring to go and he knew it. I laughed after he said that, but we both knew he wasn’t kidding. He’d seen my spicy side. If he pushed me, I might break him entirely. He knew that my submissive side was a gift from me to him; I didn’t have to be a good girl for him. To heighten the fun, we decided that I’d visit him at work, so I “brought him lunch” and he quickly shut the door once I was inside. Now I was reclining in his plush desk chair in his office and he was kneeling in front of me on the floor; I had one foot resting idly on his shoulder.

“Don’t give me a reason to be hard on you,” I countered. “No touching unless I give you express permission.” He nodded and looked at my ankle questioningly. When I nodded, he grinned and kissed my inner ankle; as a result, I shivered and let my head fall back on the headrest. “That’s good,” I mumbled, and he trailed his hands higher, teasing my calves and running his thumbs up over my knees and my thighs. “Hey-” my voice was sharp and he froze. Our eyes met. “Ask.”

College Sugar Baby Takes Control

“May I please continue touching you, mistress?” I had never heard this submissive tone from him before – I loved it. My eyes closed and my head tipped back, I considered his request. “My sweet college sugar baby is playing hard to get,” he cooed, lips moving back to my ankles. “May I please continue touching you, mistress?”

“I prefer goddess.” There was a beat as he processed this. “And you may. You know I hate people touching my feet.” He nodded and asked why I had let him kiss my ankles in the first place. “Because you had to start somewhere,” I replied. “And where better than my feet? Now, move quickly and don’t go back to my feet.”

“Understood,” he said softly. His hands were tight on my upper thighs and I spread my legs. Usually when he gripped my thighs this hard, it was so he could force my legs apart. Now that I was in control, I was the one to open my legs, forcing his hands to move with them.

College Sugar Baby Turned Domme

“Goddess, what can I do next for you?” I knew what he wanted me to say. Of course I knew. He wanted to eat his college sugar baby out and make her cum for him.

He was good at it, and I did always enjoy it. “You’ve got such a nice mouth,” I purred and reached down to caress his face. “Show me how nice it can be.” I was repeating his own words back to him, and he loved it.

His tongue was moving sloppily over my pussy and I had both hands in his hair. I was moaning and telling him to keep going, keep eating my pussy for me. After I said this, he e groaned and it was obvious that he loved me bossing him around. He licked eagerly at my clit and looked up at me as I moved back against his face. Then, his voice eager, he asked, “is my goddess going to cum for me?”

After he asked this, I couldn’t help but laugh. “Not yet,” I told him. “You need to finger my cunt first. You know that.” He certainly did know it; I don’t know why he was pretending to not know what I needed. In other words, he was asking for a punishment. “I want two fingers inside me now.”

“Yes, goddess.” He was sliding two fingers inside while his tongue kept moving over my clit. Meanwhile, his hand was shoved down inside his trousers. I could tell he was getting close. He was making the dirtiest noises into my cunt as he fingered me and ate me out; I was going to come for him. However, I wanted him to work more for it. He couldn’t get off (literally or figuratively) that easily.

Oh Yes…I’m Making You Wait For The Rest.

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