Who knew a night patrolling the dorms would lead to SO many HOT college sex stories!

This is the fourth installment of one of my favorite college sex stories! Don’t forget to catch up on Parts One, Two, and Three!

Aaron’s face was still glistening with Alexis’ juices when he smiled wide and crawled onto the floor with me. He hooked his arms under my thighs and pulled my pussy into his face. I tossed my head back in ecstasy feeling his tongue lapping up all of Tyler’s cum inside my tight cunt. Shannon slid off the couch and positioned herself behind Aaron. His ass was in the air while he ate me out. Shannon spread open his ass cheeks and started swirling her tongue around his anus.

I watched Alexis bend over the side of the couch while Ben started easing his cock into her asshole. Tyler was watching this while stroking his cock back up to full attention. Alexis didn’t bother trying to stifle her screams when Ben got his whole cock inside her tight hole. After pounding her ass for a while, Ben guided her over to the couch seats. He sat down firmly gripping onto her hips so she stayed put on his cock. Her legs were spread wide open giving a nice view of her dripping wet pussy. Tyler approached, now fully erect, and slid his cock into Alexis’ hungry pussy while Ben continued to lift her ass up and down on his cock.

I just LOVE getting fucked in the ass. Do you like anal too?

Shannon was now jerking Aaron off from behind while sliding her fingers in and out of his butt. I got up with Shannon to hold Aaron’s hips firmly in place while she and I made out on our knees. Right as he was about to cum, he stood up and faced the two of us, looking eagerly up at his huge black cock. He started stroking ferociously and leaned in to let his cum spurt out onto our faces. We both started licking up every last drop off of each other and passing his cum back and forth in our mouths.

Aaron collapsed on the chair behind him while Shannon and I continued kissing and fingering each other. Alexis was cumming so hard you could hear it when both guys’ balls smacked together. She was starting to shake uncontrollably. Tyler and Ben were holding her steady as wave after wave of cum came squirting out all over Tyler’s cock. Ben let out a deep groan as he shot his load into her tight ass. Tyler could feel Ben’s cock rubbing against his through Alexis’ walls and soon started to cum inside her too.

Shannon and I had curled up together sitting at Aaron’s feet, fondling each other while we watched. Tyler fell forward a little laying on top of the other two for a minute. They slowly began to separate, looking completely dazed from the experience.

We all sat around silent for a few minutes, smiling, naked, and covered in jizz.

“Not bad for your first time,” I finally said, still out of breath. I looked into Shannon’s sweet, young face and kissed her hard. “But I think a little more practice will make perfect.” We all giggled a little. I knew this was going to be the start of endless steamy college sex stories.


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