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I took a deep breath and stepped forward into the room, clearing my throat and knocking on the door frame. Ben noticed me first and quickly scrambled to pull his pants back up while the other four were just starting to look up, horrified. “So is this what freshmen college girls are doing these days?” I said as I sauntered into the center of the room with them. Shannon quickly slid to the side of her partner, leaving his huge, black cock bouncing back upright, glistening in the lamplight. Both girls immediately started covering themselves with discarded clothes and apologizing to me.

“Stop.” I held my hand up and they all froze. Alexis and her partner were standing behind the couch while Shannon sidled up next to the man next to her. Ben was still sitting in the chair, his pants up but still undone and his hard cock was tenting out. “I am so disappointed in you, ladies. You. Boys. What are your names?” The girls were beet red and looking to the floor. The boys reluctantly spoke up. They were also seniors. Aaron was sitting with Shannon and Tyler was hiding his cock behind the couch back.

“Please don’t tell our parents!” Alexis squeaked, immediately embarrassed as she did. Everyone looked up at me for my answer. I smiled. I walked over to the couch and sat down next to Shannon.

“Tell your parents what, exactly? That their daughters are complete fucking amateurs?” They looked around at each other, then back to me. “I mean, come on. This is the most boring orgy I’ve ever seen,” I mocked while making air quotes.

“Well… this is our… I mean, well it’s my…. We’ve never done this before.” Shannon stammered while looking up at me innocently.


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“I would think Honors college girls would want to excel, even if it is your first time. You’re supposed to be fast learners, aren’t you?” I was having so much fun teasing them now. They were still apprehensive and confused but nodded slightly. I stood up and took Shannon’s hand, bringing her up with me. Her young naked body was trembling, and I could see her juices running down her smooth legs. I got down on my knees in front of her. I put my hands on her hips to steady her as I slowly licked her juices up off her thighs. Ben was so close to me I could hear his breathing. I squeezed her hips and pulled her closer to bury my face in her wet, bare pussy.

Shannon immediately started convulsing while I eagerly licked up and down her slit, twirling my tongue on her clit. She came hot wet spurts all over my face while the room watched in amazement. I placed my hand on Ben’s thigh as I lifted back up. They were all still just sitting there! I rolled my eyes and started giving orders.

“Aaron. Lay down on the couch. Shannon. Hop on his cock. Alexis. Hop on his face.” Alexis looked at Tyler then her roommate, unsure. “Oh give me a fucking break, we’re all going to share, just sit on his face.”


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