Even if this is one of my college sex stories, it revolves around feet.

What makes this one of my college sex stories is my professor’s kink. I’ve talked about my foot fetish before, and when you have a fetish, you pick up on others who have it, too. When I noticed my professor this semester staring at my feet and the bulge in his pants, I naturally figured out his foot fetish.

It wasn’t hard to figure out how to seduce him from there. The next day I wore my stiletto heels, the ones that let my toes peek out, with a bright blue nail color. The day after, I chose my sandals, with red to catch his attention. The day after that, I work a pair of flats, but made sure to stretch my feet so he could see how well they arched.

Then, he asked me to his office. I sat still, waiting for him to get to the point.

“Your footwear is distracting,” he told me.

I leaned forward, ready for the kill. “It’s all appropriate. I’m not wearing anything showy or flashy,” I responded. “Perhaps your reaction to my footwear is really inappropriate.” I slammed my feet onto the top of his desk, letting him take a good look at my roman sandals. “You don’t get to punish me for your dirty thoughts, professor,” I told him, and wiggled my toes.

He went bright red, but I continued. “I mean, I take a picture of what I wear every day.” Lie. He didn’t need to know that. “So if you say my footwear is inappropriate, be sure I’ll go ask the dean about what you mean.”

His eyes were still glued on my foot. “Now, if you don’t want me to say anything,” I began, “I think you and I can reach an agreement. These little toes of mine need some loving and massage, and if you want, I’ll trade you a footjob for taking care of my feet.” I lifted my right foot to his face.

Trembling, his fingers undid the laces on my roman sandal, and he slid it off my foot. I smiled.

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