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College sex stories are so steamy!  They bring back memories of fun times and slutty school girls.  We proudly remember the places we fucked, the memories we made, the hearts we broke, the parties.  Oh, the parties!   I smile as I remember the sick things we did to gain attention, popularity, a piece of ass.  True, shameful to admit but we all remember what happened.

My friend Dianne loved to see the guys, especially the athletes.  For this reason, she had her eyes on a hottie named Guy.  Guy was on the college swim team.  Some say Guy had a promising career.  Physically, Guy was tan, had a nice swimmer’s build, dark eyes that seemed to look right into you.  For the most part, Dianne just melted every time she looked at him.  The trouble with that was he didn’t even know she existed.  Therefore, it made Dianne crazy that a boy wouldn’t notice her.  Dianne had a curvy physique, large tits, long strawberry-blonde hair, and sexy hips.

A bit of an obsession? 

Honestly, I think Dianne went a bit psycho obsessed with Guy.  One day Dianne came to me and begged me to join her on New Year’s for the annual Polar Club event.  There would be ice events and swimming.  I really didn’t feel like freezing my tits off, but to be supportive I told her I would go.  Accordingly, for the event, I wore a black bikini.  In this case, I didn’t want to be noticed.  Maybe I’d get lucky and not have to go in.

When the day came I grew nervous.  What if I froze?  Moreover, I didn’t want to be sick.  My friends came to cheer us on.  Despite the cold, I  felt the heat run through my face and chest with embarrassment.  There he was!  The crush of Dianne’s dreams!

It was time to plunge into the water!

Subsequently, I felt Dianne grab my hand as she dragged me into the water.  Soon, I felt the cold water hit my body.  My heart seemed to stop in my chest as the shock sent an electric charge through my veins.  Was I drowning?  Under the water, my eyes barely saw a glimpse of muscular arms encircling my waist and pushing me to the wall.  He smiled at me as we got out together.

Where was Dianne?  I didn’t see her anywhere.  She told me she would have the car all ready for us to warm up in.  Above all, I didn’t want to freeze.  My clothes were in Dianne’s car.  The handsome stranger invited me to his car to warm up.  He had a nice red car with warm heat.  I shivered while my skin began to thaw.

The stranger smiled and we started talking.  He was very handsome, with nice eyes, and dark hair.  He introduced himself as Guy.  A moment of guilt hit me.  What was I doing in the car of a guy she liked?  No wonder she bailed on me.

Guy made me forget my troubles for the time being. 

The conversation was easy, however, flirting was even more fun.  We flirted, touched, kissed.  Then suddenly the car was silent as he looked into my blue eyes.  Subsequently,  Guy leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine.  The electricity was like the water but much nicer.  Soon, I felt my insides turn to hot mush.

Guy’s hands caressed my tits through my suit.  My nipples stood at attention and my pussy woke up.  He put the seat back and took down my bikini bottoms.  Spreading my legs, Guy inserted his hot tongue deep into my pussy.  He licked and flicked my clit until I bathed his face in my juice.

Reaching over, I could feel Guy’s stiff cock.  How much I wanted him inside of me.  Sensing what I wanted, he put the seat all the way back and prepared to ride me like a wild beast.  The car shook up and down as we rocked the vehicle with our fucking.

I was in the store for an afternoon of naughtiness.  Share your erotic college sex stories with me.  Turn up the heat and call the hottest phone sex chat.

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