Everyone Experiments, Especially In College

Most of us that went to college have some hot, college sex stories. I know I sure do! It was the first time I was away from home and I wanted to experience all there was to offer. I knew my parents wouldn’t approve, but they had no clue what I was up to. My interests were many and varied. The girl I shared my room with, she was kind of wild. It didn’t take long for me to follow her lead. It was the beginning of my young slut stories. One night I woke up and heard some noises. I thought she was having a dream, then I noticed she was masturbating. I could see a bit from the light coming through the window. She noticed me watching and asked if I was horny as well. I was and soon was rubbing my pussy in my bed. We masturbated many times like this in the same room.

My Teacher Liked To Play

There was a teacher that I liked and I thought he liked me as well, so I let him know. This turned out to be one of my hottest college sex stories I had. We played on and off for a year. In his office, at his house, and no one found out. He was so sexy and smart, and he always got me dripping wet when we’d be alone. He knew just how to touch me and get me quivering in minutes. When we were in his office, he always wanted to make sure I’d remain quiet. He’d be teasing my pussy with his fingers, making me cream an incredible amount. I’d cum all over his hand. Then he’d get down on his knees and lick it all out of me, making me cum yet again.

You Could Say That I Sure Liked To Experiment

We’d go back to his house and fuck in every room, and I didn’t need to be quiet there at all. His cock was quite large, and he’d stretch open my pussy and make me squeal with delight. College sex stories always seem like more fun than when you’re older, since everything is so new. You learn so much from so many, and I wanted to learn from as many as I could, and I did.

I dated lots of guys when I was at college, and they were all quite different from one another. I didn’t seem to have a type, which was a good thing. It’s good to explore and try lots of different types of men. I’d often date a handful every week. I didn’t sleep with all of them, but a good deal of them I did. And I certainly got to find out what things I liked and didn’t like, and with many people.

It Turned Into A Threesome

I remember one night I had two dates and forgot. It turned into my first threesome. We all had a ball. To get your clit licked at the same time you are getting fucked. What a treat. I didn’t know if the two guys would go for it, but I wanted to at least ask. They were certainly game. I had my cunt stretched open and was juicing incredibly. When I felt that tongue all over my tingling clit, I went crazy. I was bucking my hips and feeling like I was going to faint from pleasure. He took it in his mouth and sucked on it. Just as I had my other friend’s dick in me up to the balls. My eyes rolled back in my head and I collapsed with pleasure.

It Was Just The Start

College sex stories might not all be as exciting as mine were, but I sure am glad I went all in. I carried on like this for all four years. I got a bit of a reputation, but I had more fun and more dates than nearly any girl on campus. My roommate and I would sometimes talk about our experiences as we’d lay in our beds masturbating. The sound of that squishy wetness used to really turn me on. I could look over and see her hand moving between her thighs. Sometimes she’d take out her vibe and the buzzing of it on her pussy would get me going. I’d take out my own and the entire room would buzz. Some fond days and nights at college I had, for sure.

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