This Was One Of My College Sex Stories

The final summer when I was in college, right before my senior year. A few friends and I decided to go hitchhiking across the country. Sounds like the premise of one of those college sex stories movies you’d see. And they really could have made a movie of that summer. We’d never have done it individually. But we knew with a few of us, we’d be less apt to run into any trouble by sticking together. When we came to the Midwest with stretches of fields for miles and miles and it was hot. We’d get absolutely shameless and take our tops off as we thumbed for rides. The stretch of road was fairly empty. We rarcollege sex stories topless C.J.ely saw any cop cars, so we felt more free to be topless. And when a rig would come barreling down the road and saw four topless college girls, they stopped.

We Were Topless And We Got Our Ride

We got lots of rides by removing our tops. This one time we’d just had lunch at a diner. And were going out to the road to get a ride and we took our tops off. Knowing it wouldn’t be long until we got one. And a car with a couple of cute looking guys stopped and looked us up and down and asked if they could offer us a ride. We piled into the backseat and they drove us for a few hours.

The one asked us if we’d like to freshen up a bit at his place before we headed back out. We were grateful to get some showers, so we went into their place and they even let us do our laundry as well. So we sat around in towels waiting for it to finish and they asked if we’d like to have some fun. We looked at each other and agreed. They were cute and we were all horny, so we had a double threesome going on. Two guys and four girls. It was a regular orgy in the same room.

These Guys Hit The Jackpot!

The towels soon came off and we had these two cute guys that we could suck and fuck. They thought they hit the jackpot that day, I’m sure! My guy was on his back and I was riding his cock. And one of my friends was on his face, and he was a good fuck with a nice cock that fit my pussy well. I looked a few feet over. And my one friend was getting it doggy style while my other friend was licking her clit. We were certainly making our own college sex stories to be sure!

The room echoed with heavy breathing, moans of orgasmic delight. And grunting from the guys taking turns fucking us all. Luckily the guys were both multiple cummers and could please us all. We all had a lot of fun. We then gathered up our things, thanked them for their shower and laundry use. And we went back out on the road, walked a little bit. Then took our tops back off and got another ride within a few minutes. This worked like a charm to get attention, to say nothing of rides. We had a fun few weeks that trip. Lots of sexual misadventures we had with interesting guys on the road. It sure gave us lots of college sex stories to tell our friends when we got back home.

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