College Sex Party~The Entire Campus Was Roofied!

A college sex party is notoriously fun. Everyone gets together for loud music, fun dancing, and party favors. We all know what that means.

When I was in college living in the dorm my roommate had rules as everyone does. One of our rules was don’t enter if you the red bow was tied on the ribbon we kept on the doorknob. Enter quietly if the yellow bow was tied because that meant the other is studying. A green bow all clear.

Everyone up and down the dorm had similar warnings. As we were in a coed dorm there may be ties or socks pretty much every doorknob had stuff hanging from it, especially on the weekend.

Red bow on the door

The common areas were generally packed with people waiting to return to their dorm. One cold winter day I walked into the dorm’s common room because my friend was upstairs with the red bow on the door. What I found there was shocking and wonderful.

There was music playing and people paired off or in threesomes making out. It was as if a sex explosion was happening in the entire dorm. Over in the corner, a couple of girls were tits out kissing. Laying across the pool table grinding through their clothes was a girl and guy humping each other all but fucking through their clothes. Another girl was riding a guy on the couch. Full-on skirt up and his cock buried deep inside her. Wow, I had just stumbled into a college sex party.

Why is everyone having sex everywhere? I found out later that someone had spiked all the drinks with Ecstasy at the hangout. The hangout was a place all college students and staff ate at every day. So today if your roomie beat you to the room then the commons was where it was at. I stood there very intrigued and watched them. It felt awkward but also turned me on. Excitement ran through me as I had never participated in any kind of college sex party before.

College Sex Party

I wanted to join in so bad. However, I was shy and not sure how to just jump into someone’s sex play even though it was happening in public! I walked over and sat down on the couch that had one guy and two girls playing. He was sitting back with his head laying on the back of the couch just enjoying their tongues which were sharing his cock. It was a mid-size couch and as I sat there watching them enjoying his huge cock I had a random thought. Some people call this a love seat but today its name should be lust seat.

My panties were getting wetter and my nipples hard. I pulled my blouse and bra off and scooted right up next to the man on the couch. He played with my left tit and squeezed my nipple. I lowered my hand to rub my pussy. “Take those off”, he growled pointing to my panties.  So I stood up and slowly removed them. Brazenly I stood before him letting him admire my curvy body.

Ecstasy washed over me

Moving the girls off his dick he pulled me down centering my pussy over him. Reaching between my legs he stroked my pussy discovering I was soaking wet. Two fingers entered me and I threw my head back when a feeling of ecstasy washed over me. Every nerve ending in my body exploded.

Quickly he lifted me and lowered me onto his throbbing cock. He was rock hard and I could feel him pulsating deep inside me. Before he even thrust I began to climax. Gushing cum all over him. My pussy clenched him tight and he moaned loudly. I screamed my Orgasm just as he began thrusting up deeper in and out of my hot cunt. I felt the girls hands and mouths on my tits and clit as he fucked me.

It was not long before I felt another orgasm building. The girl licking my clit moved around to my back and she pushed me forward and began licking my asshole. He filled my pussy and with her fingers and tongue, she filled my ass.

Phone Sex Kingdom

I exploded over and over throughout that evening because that was the best College sex party this phone sex operator has ever attended. Everyone was fair game and I did them all even my roomie. Let’s just say the bow never changed from red for quite a while. The girls of The Kinky Crew at phonesex kingdom are so naughty we never change our bows to red instead they are always green baby because we want everyone to join the fun!