Cute little things walk all over campus and have no idea when or how they get scooped up by the others. First, the senior lesbians observe the fresh recruits. They watch between classes and in the library, looking for tell-tale signs the girl might be a lesbian. Next, the group of girls gathers together to discuss new recruits. They review pictures on their phones while rubbing each other’s pussies. The girl who makes all of them cum the fastest wins all of their attention. That means college lesbian hazing for the new girl within the week!

College Lesbian Hazing: Not Just for Lesbians Anymore!

You might assume this pack of naughty lesbians running rampant on campus only pick up their own. Sometimes they pull sexy lesbians into the group for some kinky fun. But what they really want to find doesn’t have any lesbian experience yet. Can you tell when you have a slut nearby? Some girls can sense when a girl is down to fuck no matter which gender they are! They pick up those sexy pheromones and ask the girl if she has a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend. If she blushes, they know she’s ready for some hot college lesbian hazing.

The Squad Picked Us

My friend Jen got pulled by a squad of lesbians and she’s never been the same since! Jen always came across as the sweetest, most innocent girl among all of my friends. Lila approached her and asked if she wanted to hang out over the weekend. Of course, she said she would. Lila even encouraged her to bring a friend! So Jen and I went over to the college lesbian hazing party willingly!

They offered us bubbly wine and lots of chocolate. After we got nice and relaxed, then Lila, Jamie, and Stevie invited us into one of their bedrooms. Those sluts brought us right in and pulled up our tops. Jen blushed so hard but she let Stevie bend her right over, pull down her panties like a school girl tease, and spank her ass. After I got naked, they bent me right over and spanked me, too. It seemed cute and pretty sexy until they tied our wrists with red ribbons and made us kiss! Jen slipped her tongue into my mouth. We didn’t notice when they pulled out the paddles to begin the college lesbian hazing.

That’s Going to Leave A Mark

Even though it hurt, Jen asked for more! They pushed her down between Jamie’s thighs and she buried her tongue into her cunt. She moaned like a slut when she ate that pussy. It looked like she was a lesbian her whole life! One of the girls dropped down onto her knees and fingered my pussy while another spanked across my ass and thighs with the paddle. They demanded I get down and worship their cunts like a slut. Jen joined me as each girl sat on our faces and let us tongue their slick slits. I had no idea college lesbian hazing could be so hot! We definitely had to go back the next weekend.

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