I enjoy playing a brat from time to time, especially with older boyfriends. Their little princess dresses up in sweet, sexy dresses and hangs off of his every word. I love being a cute sex bunny or arm candy cuddling up to her Daddy. But sometimes I get distracted by a crisis, or a mood change, or the wind shifting. When I was younger, I got a very expensive bag that I’d been pressing for days about. One of the guys I was dating got it for me, but he wasn’t paying attention! He bought the wrong color and I wanted the smaller bag instead of the larger one. After I whined and complained about how unhappy I was, he called me out on my tone. Then he said I needed a naughty teen spanking immediately.

A Naughty Teen Spanking, right here, in public?

I gasped in shock when he told me to get over his knee during lunch. I told him I absolutely would not do that. First, I reasoned that I just wanted to be heard. Next, I tugged on the top of my dress, exposing my cleavage. I hoped to distract him with my tits. But he remained furious as ever and grabbed me up by the waist. All but tossing me over his lap, he ripped up my skirt and smoothed his hand over my round ass. That behind desperately needed a naughty teen spanking,  even though I fought him.

I glanced around at the other tables watching and begged him to stop. But he chuckled dryly and tore down my panties. I mewed about how expensive they were. But forgot entirely about the fabric the second I felt his big, long fingers slipping up and down my pussy. He laughed again when I moaned and tried to spread my legs, calling me a bratty slut. I blushed so hard when he demanded I count out the slaps of my naughty teen spanking. He wailed on my ass like I was part of a college lesbian hazing ceremony all over again!

I’m bad at being good

Although I told him I wanted to be good, we both knew it was a lie. And he spanked my ass with such a ferocious blow, it made both cheeks bounce. I cried out and tried to squirm away. But a small brat fighting a strong Daddy leaves little competition. He pinned me to his thigh and left handprints over my ass, and down my thighs. Just when I thought he was done, he plunged two fingers into my tight pussy and exhaled through his nose. Immediately, he knew that naughty teen spanking soaked my cunt.

“More, Daddy,” I whined, arching and trying to get myself onto his fingers.

“You naughty slut! Always wanting more purses, more jewelry, more fingerfucking, more cum!”

Helpless to his logic, I arched my back and asked for another naughty teen spanking. At least that way, he’d be spanking my pussy, too!


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