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Slutty college girls never wear panties. I put on my shortest black dress and deep red heels to be sure my sexy professor would notice me. I strategically chose the seats in front of all the professors’ desks, so when I would finally find his class, he would have a great view of my legs.

After 3 classes and no sign of my sexy professor, I was beginning to lose hope. I dragged myself to my 4th class of the day and sat on the side of the room, closest to the professor’s desk but out of the way. Sitting there, twirling a pen around in my mouth with my legs crossed, I was starting to lose interest in my man-hunt.


In walks the stranger I had fucked the night before. My sexy professor! He noticed me immediately.  I wonder if he could tell by the way I eyed his crotch that I was dying to have oral sex with him? He noticed me immediately. A smirk grew on his face as he walked to the chalkboard and wrote his name. His name was John Benjamin, and he wanted us to call him Professor B. for short. All I knew was I wanted to “B.” one of his favorite naughty college girls. I was already thinking of ways to gain extra credit and ask for some at home tutoring. This class was going to be the best one yet!

College girls are teasing sluts!

After handing out some first-day pamphlets, he sat down at his desk and gave us time to go over them. I had a perfect view of his whole body as he was sitting there. I dropped my pen on the ground to grab his attention. As I picked it up, I slid my hands from the top of my heels to the lining of my short dress. I opened my legs to show him I wasn’t wearing any panties. Teasing him was such a turn-on. His face turned bright red and I could see him starting to bulge a bit in his slacks. As a result, he announced to the class that we could leave early due to it being our first day.

I need Professor B. to give me the D

As my classmates packed up and left, I stayed sitting in my chair, staring at him. He walked over to me and stuck out his hand. As I took it, he said,

“I’m Professor B. and I’m looking forward to our semester together.”

With his hand in mine, I guided him toward my bare, wet pussy. I answered him with,

“I’m Natalie, and I am so excited for everything you’re going to teach me this year.”

And then, I picked up my books, and with a wink, smirk, and a twirl of my hair, I left for my next class. I felt his eyes follow me out of the classroom. I’m sure he has met plenty of hot college girls. However, none of them will tease him and please him the way I’m going to.



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