Are you ready for hot college girls naked from wall to wall?

I know that you’re just dying to hear the next part of our hot kingdom blogathon. Well, we decided to have a huge Halloween orgy! There were college girls naked and covering every inch of the mansion. We had milfs, barely legal anything you could possibly be craving. Of course, everyone had to be in a naughty costume or they couldn’t come in. This made it much hotter. Just think you could be fucking your baby sister or your mom and not even know it!

This is the place where all of your fetishes can come true. After all what man in his right mind wouldn’t love seeing hot, horny college girls naked and ready to fuck? I happen to really love potty play so I had a room set up for my human toilets. Just imagine my hot tight teen pussy squatting over your face and letting loose streams of golden showers into your upturned mouth. I hope you swallow quickly, otherwise, it’s going to splash everywhere and we can’t have that! After all, you’re lucky that I’m even allowing you to sip my golden nectar in the first place!

Halloween is just around the corner. Are you craving some chocolate?

I have some for you *giggles*. Open up nice and wide for a warm surprise. Watch my tight little asshole slowly opening up and pushing out a nice piece of shit right into your mouth. Savor it like it’s the finest piece of chocolate you’ve ever tasted. Roll it around in your mouth and enjoy the feel of it, the taste of it, and the smell of it as it fills your nostrils. That’s a good little shit-eating toilet slave! Make sure once you swallow it all down that you lick me clean like a good boy!

I wonder what’s going on in the other rooms right now? You’re just going to have to keep your eyes open for the next chapter of the blogathon if you want to know…

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