Do college girls make you horny?  Get ready to get off to this college confession!

College girls are ready and willing to try all new experiences.  When I was in college I was away from home for the first time and I was looking to experience everything the world had to offer.  I may have come to college an inexperienced, naive, virgin, but I sure didn’t leave it that way. Here’s one story about my sexual education.

My girlfriends and I had decided to go to a big house party.  We knew the boys who were throwing it and we had been looking forward to it all week. I remember all of us getting ready together, sipping wine in our underwear, picking out what outfits we wanted to wear.  It was summer of my junior year and it was a scorcher. I put on a short black slip dress, I knew that it really showed off my curves.  We were all getting tipsy and ready to party and let loose.

When we got to the party it was in full swing.

 We got ourselves some beer and headed straight to the dance floor.  My girlfriends and I were dancing with each other and having a great time.  Our bodies were covered in sweat as we grinded against one another. I had my eye on a boy who lived at the house, we had hooked up a few times before.  After an hour or so, he and I were flirting, touching, getting really turned on. He whispered in my ear that he had a really fun idea. He pulled me off the couch and as we were leaving the room he grabbed another girl to come along.  I had no idea what I was in for.

We ended up in his attic bedroom, you could still hear the party going on downstairs.  He introduced me to his friend, she was a redhead, and quite beautiful. He asked if we would make out in front of him. I had kissed other girls before, so why not?  She and I started kissing, her lips were so soft. I was really getting into it, I pulled down her top and started feeling her breasts, I slipped her nipple in my mouth, I had never done that before.  I loved the feel of her hard nipple against my tongue.

The more we kissed the more clothes came off, we were naked and just groping one another, grinding our bodies together.

I wanted more, I had never gone down on a girl, but I spread her legs and buried myself in her pussy.  She was moaning and rocking her body against my mouth, pushing my head down harder on her clit. I felt so powerful, I sucked and licked her and put my fingers in her pussy. Just wanted to make her cum. I moved my tongue and fingers faster and faster, and when she came it was so satisfying.  Then I kissed her with my mouth, covered in her juices. Then we partied!

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