College Girls are like cars in the way of having that “new pussy” aroma and it’s such a huge draw to men and women alike.  So, deny it all you want, you too are possessed by the lure of college girls.  You know, the tingle you get when you’re around any soft, warm post-teen who’s either in college or, about to begin.  CUM on… be honest.  Nobody’s looking. LOL.

Let’s say…your daughter brings her home right before they leave for Spring Break.  It’s late at night and you cum downstairs for a bottle of water.  You round the corner into the kitchen and there she is!  Bent over in your refrigerator wearing nothing but, a t-shirt and thong.  You stand quietly, observing against your will and better judgment and you feel it begin again.  Just like when she walked through your front door.

The way her hair hung over her shoulders.  The way she nonchalantly pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose.  Maybe it’s the deepness of those oceanic blue eyes? But, you’re sure it’s the swell of her nubile tits and curve of that youthful waist…SOOOOOO unlike those of your now dowdy Mrs.  Did she glance at you and give you an ‘I’m gonna get you, Mr.’ look over your wife’s shoulder as they hugged?  I think she did. Giggle.

So, surprised to see her bent over in your refrigerator as the Mrs. is upstairs snoring?  I don’t think you are.  Nor, do I think you stood stock still with a hard-on watching her pussy and ass.  It’s only when you realized you couldn’t back out without her hearing you that you cleared your throat.

College Girls are the horniest beasts on the PLANET!

I mean, she’s away from home and ready to eXXXperiment in all the things she’d been told ‘No!’ to.  But, she heard you and slowly (nearly gyrating her hips) moved into her upright position before glancing over her shoulder at you with a wry grin.  Did you DICK just jump, Daddy?  You watch, almost in a zoomed lens as she licks the remnants of something she ate off her bottom lip.  And there’s that smile again!

You rush (as if pushed!) forward and grab her up into your arms in the most passionate of kisses.  And to think, you haven’t said a single word to her!  Her mouth, as sweet as honeydew, her scent, soft and woodsy with a hint of jasmine.  Her hair… Oh, GOD!  Her hair felt like spun silk in your hands and you gave in, didn’t you?  Don’t worry.  I’ll never tell.

Furthermore, who would believe that YOU would even think of defiling the young Miss?  Similarly, no one would guess that ‘Husband and Father of the Year’ has cavings just like everyone else!  Ever kiss like she kisses you before?  The way her firm ass feels in your hands, yet they’re fully toned?  Can you ever forget the wetness of her? Did your wife EVER get so wet for you?  Can you even remember to back then?

She folds into your arms, letting out soft moans at your touch.  Now, when was the last time you felt that kind of desire at home?  Have you ever?  Sad.   What would your lady say if she crept down the stairs and saw you with her?  I know that thought makes your heart beat in your dick!  The thought of her seeing you give and GET it the way you secretly want it?

Want to tell your lady that College Girls do it better, but you can’t?

Pin that young girl to the wall of the dining room and spread those supple thighs as you cup her ass again, Daddy.  Hold her young, warm body against you.  But, don’t stop just because your wife is watching!  This is your dream-come-true, man!  So, don’t stop, get it, get it!  Your cum bursting from you like an overflowing dam.  As a matter of fact, you came so hard BECAUSE your woman was watching.  At least in your mind.

Allow her moans lessen as your joint cum slips from her pussy and down both of your thighs.  All of your youth flashing before you as you watch your wife closely.  Not to mention the visage as you hone in on her soaked thighs.

Your cum slips down and you slide out asking only one question, “What did you say your name was earlier, little girl?”

“Joey.  Pleased to me you!”

I smile at you and at her too as you slide into my asshole.  Correspondingly, that’s when we all saw, Carey.  Standing there on the stairs in tears.  But, what she said was more shocking than anything she had witnessed between her parents and me.

“Daddy!  You were supposed to get your first taste of sweet, young pussy…from ME!  You’ve ruined EVERYTHING!”  And with that, you watched your baby-girl flee back to her bedroom.  You didn’t think it possible but, at that moment, you didn’t really care.  You know you’ll get to her snatch soon enough.  For now, it was all about me and the incredible way I make you feel.  For the first time, you’re making YOU the priority.

College Girls can change your life.

You should know, there’s a college girl waiting to listen and serve you.  Your secrets are only truly safe…with me!  I’m like the pages of your naughty, little Diary.  And I’m the Keeper of Secrets!  So, whether you need Rough Sex, Daddy, daughter, or something altogether different, you need to escape into Hot Phone Sex with me!


College Girls