As a college girl, I had the freedom to finally fuck whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

This was one of the biggest perks of being a college girl, along with the parties, of course. I loved having guys sleep over because I always had to sneak them over back at my parent’s house. One night, I got drunk off of margaritas that my friend made at a new years party. I invited my friend’s roommate because I wanted to include him, but he couldn’t make it.

My friend and I got to talking about his roommate, how he was a virgin, and I told him that I would totally fuck his roommate. He texted his roommate that I was down to fuck. I texted him myself asking if he wanted to take edibles and watch movies with me. The next day he came over and we took edibles and had wine. We put on a couple of movies but chatted the whole time.

Some guy that I was fucking at the time popped by but I had already decided who my night was going to end with. I let him believe that I was going to meet him in the bedroom; I’m sure he waited up all night for me. I was too busy taking my friend’s roommates virginity on the living room couch.

Climbing onto his lap, we started making out.

I rocked my pussy over his boner until he stood up and pulled his pants down. I climbed up onto his lap again and he started rubbing my clit. Slowly sliding his cock into the opening of my pussy, I eased my body down on it, taking his virginity. We tried all sorts of positions until he came. We both passed out on the couch, leaving the friend waiting in my bedroom, very unsatisfied.  For more teen phonesex check out my other blogs…

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