College girl sex slave learns that orgasms only happen when YOU decide.

College girl sex slave fantasies like this one just don’t *cum* along very often. Sorry NOT sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun! 😜 Did you miss Part 1 of this naughty little sex slave story? Click on the bold text to get started!

When we ended last time, you were forcing me to orgasm repeatedly. I’ve nearly screamed myself raw, but you ignore my begging. Eventually, I’m so exhausted by the minutes of ceaseless climaxing that I fall silent, simply jerking spasmodically as your hard palm spanks my vulnerable ass cheeks over and over again.

Once you see me breaking under you, you roughly shove your huge cock into your college girl sex slave’s ass one final time.

The impact of that final thrust is so hard that I feel jarring all the way up my spine to the base of my skull. You let out a guttural groan as your hands clench my breasts and copious spurts of your warm cum explode inside me.

It’s only then, with your cock still buried in my ass, that you bend to put your mouth against my ear, whispering quietly but firmly: “Stop. Now.” Finally, you ease your cock out of my punished asshole, causing a gush of cum to flow down my toned thighs.

You lift my trembling body off the hood of my SUV and into your arms. After opening the passenger door, you tuck my silky, revealing wrap around my limp body and pull me inside onto your lap.

“You’re such a hungry, slutty fuck toy, Angel,” you murmur against my neck, “but be careful what you wish for…”

“You misbehaved,” you continue. “But since I’m feeling generous, your punishment today was simply to cum so hard until you couldn’t even beg me anymore to stop.”

You growl softly into my ear while my entire body tingles: “If you’re so grossly disobedient again, I could command you not to climax for a day, a weekend or even a week. Indeed, perhaps even longer! And it won’t matter how intense the stimulation becomes. Think of the agony of that!”

Your tongue flicks into the shell of my ear and my already-soaked pussy gushes fresh juices. Then, your lips slowly brush down the side of my neck to the hollow where it joins my shoulder. Your arms clamp tight around me a second before your teeth sink into the tender skin.

As tired as I am, a lightning bolt flashes between your mouth and my pussy and I buck hard in your grip as another series of hard orgasms rocks my helpless body.

Your teeth slowly release my flesh and I feel your lips curve into a smile. You know the result of a bite in that tender spot because you’ve trained me to climax from it, but I know pointing that out will only make it harder on me. “Well, look at THAT,” you purr against my neck, still smiling. “Such a bad little slut. Again, cumming without permission!”

I’m still gasping as you pull me out of the vehicle, wrap your strong arms around my slim waist and bend to kiss the top of my blonde head. “Two punishments and it’s not even 7 am. Even for you, that’s a record.”

“TWO punishments?” I repeat confusedly.

“But of course,” you say, lips curved into a teasing smirk. “I give you so much pleasure and how do you repay me? By not asking for permission to cum, just minutes after we’ve completed a lesson on precisely that subject.

“If you’re not going to learn with pleasure, it’ll have to be the hard way. Listen carefully now, little whore. You’re MY college girl sex slave. You will NOT orgasm again until I grant you permission!”

“No no nooo!” I wail helplessly, although I know full well that my mind has already accepted and processed the command. Meanwhile, the maddening ache, the hunger has already started building in my body. Soon, it will be unbearable. “Just for today?” I ask in a small voice.

The half-smile turns into a deep, sadistic chuckle as you look down at my dismayed expression, reveling in your total power and my uncontrollable desire. “Maybe, maybe not. I might summon you later today, tomorrow or at the end of the week. But know this. When I revoke the orgasm ban, I expect you to obey me from now on, pet.”

“If you disappoint me even once, next time the orgasm ban could be permanent.”

You turn on your heel and stride away, and my blue eyes are wide as I retreat into the driver’s seat of my car. No orgasms? Ever again? Noooooo!

Then my heated gaze takes in your long legs, broad shoulders and tight ass hugged by low-slung jeans. A switch flips in my brain, so you really can’t blame me for what happens next, Master. Seriously, I just can’t stop myself! After all, isn’t that how you’ve trained me to be?

My fingers inch downwards towards my dripping pussy and attack my swollen clit in a frenzy of motion. My breathing quickens and I moan desperately. But then … nothing.

A string of curses fills my frustrated mind and bursts out from my lips as I drive away. Knowing you as I do, I think ruefully, it’s going to be a VERY long week.

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