A sexy college girl seduces her professor for…

A college girl seduces her professor for extra credit and extra favors. How surprising, right? It’s so cliche in every sexy porn video I’ve ever seen… But wow, it was fucking exciting actually to do it in real life. I mean, I was no stranger to being a slutty teacher’s pet. But actually, seducing and fucking my professor was entirely new to me and oh so fucking delicious. So, this story starts with one of my college professors, Mr. Hendricks. Compared to my other teachers, he was slightly younger, though still somewhere in his thirties or forties. I never thought to ask! It never crossed my mind anyway since he was rather handsome, and everyone was smitten with him already.

I was always seeing what I could get from him. Sometimes I only baited a little extra attention, but other times he set his hand on my shoulder and let it linger. That little extra intimacy excited me. I craved more. Honestly, sometimes I sat in class thinking about how hot it would be to get railed over the desk. Some of my friends even shared their fantasies about him. One of them, Aleah, said how she wanted him to blackmail her over all the slutty things she said in class and rape her over the desk. That one, in particular, turned me on so much… I always loved it rough. Then my brain flew a thousand miles a minute thinking of that, daydreaming of that.

I wanted him so bad.

I wanted to be my professor’s little whore, maybe make our own porno, where a college girl seduces her professor. It was so fucking hot; I would love to add that to my porn collection. So, after enough daydreaming, I had to act on it. I had enough of my nights spent roleplaying it with a fuckbuddy and some hot phone sex. I needed the real thing; I craved his cock. So my outfits to class grew skimpier and skimpier. Some days, I wore the tiniest plaid skirt I could find, mimicking a schoolgirl outfit and even pairing it with white thigh-high socks. Other days I went less schoolgirl, more college slut, and wore a little crop top with very tight leggings. I could feel his eyes follow me around the room when I did, his attention glued to my ass.

It turned me on so much that I finally had to approach him one day, once class let out. The students walked out, and I sauntered my way up to his desk. I walked around the side of it, invading his personal space and leaning against it so he could see all my sexy curves on display—a sexy college girl standing in front of him. With a little smile, he was practically all mine. He grinned at me, tapping his hand impatiently on the desk as he asked what I wanted. Honestly, I could have been much more sly about it. At first, I asked about extra credit, but the truth came out very quickly. He asked again, asking me if I really stayed late to ask when I could have just e-mailed that for the entire list of projects I could do.

He knew what I wanted.

So I said it bluntly. “I want you to fuck me. I want you.” And just like that, his eyes lit up. He stood up, walking to shut the blinds and lock the door. As he turned, he adjusted his tie, but I walked up to him then, undoing it for him and practically tugging him along with it back to the rest. I took control at the start, having him lay back on the empty half of the desk so I could climb over him. He could feel me grow wetter and wetter, soaking my panties as I sat against him, and he couldn’t take it anymore. He ripped my little lace panties off and pulled me down on him, making me ride him hard. I couldn’t believe I’d just become another classic case of it. The sexy college girl seduces her professor yet again.

Maybe something’s bound to repeat about this sexy scenario… Because I certainly couldn’t keep away from him. I wanted to fuck him every day that semester, and I definitely did a few more times.

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