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College is filled with peer pressure, but it makes for really hot college girl nude sex stories. Especially when my friends and I wanted to be a part of the hottest sorority. The only problem was there was one rule, we had to do something bad! We all agreed to do it and showed up to be traditionally hazed! We didn’t realize what they wanted but we did not back out. Then we were ushered into this room and told to strip off all our clothes and come out for viewing! We thought it would just be the “sisters” who were trying to body shame us! We didn’t realize it was all the Jocks from the football team! As we entered the room someone locked the door behind us. Of course, we tried to get out and cried out, but they only laughed louder.

They began to poke and prod the 4 of us and soon the laughter turned to growling and lustful panting as they fought to take turns with us. The leaders and strongest grabbed us and threw us on the floor and started having their way. The first guy who won me was a huge bear of a man, but he smiled down at me and tenderly pinched my nipple as he dipped his mouth to my pussy and began to eat.

I saw the other girls were being ravished but my guy was pleasuring me!

I could tell no one was going to interrupt him so I dug my fingers into his hair and threw my legs around his shoulders. He roughly grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper into his mouth. I exploded all over his face and he licked it up as if he was starving! He looked at me then and scooped me up into his arms and carried me into the closet and shut the door.

Some of the other guys were complaining behind us but he shot them a look of warning, they backed off!

Once we were inside I said timidly. Don’t hurt me too badly, please. He grinned down at me and whispered, only as much as you want me to! With that said, he stripped his clothes and I saw his beautifully hard body and large throbbing cock! My pussy began to pulsate, and I became even wetter at the sight of him. He picked me up and sat me down on his thrusting dick and my pussy exploded around him! I clung to his massive shoulders and knew that this man now owned my body. That is exactly what he moaned into my ear as he cum deep inside my pussy!

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