Never in a million years was I looking for a roomie like mine. However, she is what I have and I adore her. Being at college can be overwhelming coming from a Mormon family. Haley is helping me adjust in many ways, including with college coeds lesbian fun.

Who knew I would enjoy such naughtiness, but I do! I am discovering a whole new side of me now that I am away from home. I have always known that I am destined to be wild and enjoy life in many ways.

However, Haley is showing me a way I did not expect. It is absolutely amazing. Who knew two girls together can have so much fun. Well, I guess a lot of people, right?! Now, I get all those pornos all the guys love.

College coeds lesbian fun is wild and crazy fun!

Of course, Haley is introducing me to others that enjoy playing with us too. I have gotten to be with her and her boyfriend, a few other guys, and one other girl. Talk about growing up in lots of ways at school!

Well, and then there is my new dom. I met him through my Submissive Blonde Taboo Experiences. He is this quiet book store owner. On the outside, you would never guess he is a dom.

So on top of college coeds lesbian fun, I have my dom that loves punishing me in the dungeon. When I didn’t invite him to a big gangbang event, he made sure I felt the pain. And, it felt so good too. Daddy loves making his sub pay for bad behavior.

According to him, all girls have to go through some experimenting in college.


Silly man, this is more than experimenting, this is who I am. Yes, I am his sub and love being that. However, I am learning there is also much more I love in the sexual realm. My tastes are growing.

And, then there is the amazing Hot Phone Sex I am providing at my part-time gig. Talk about fun! I get to delve into so many different fetish calls and have fun with my callers. It is as naughty and kinky as our college coeds lesbian fun.

Because I have no limits, I am open to all taboo calls and that makes things heat up all the time. Just like me and my sexy roomie. I have to admit, having sex with her is not only fun, but it is also convenient.

When we are feeling horny, we just hop into one of our beds for some great sex!


Of course, there are tons of things for two sexy women to do when they are having sex together. We have tits, pussies, and gorgeous asses. She and I can spend hours in bed fucking and sometimes do!

Her pussy tastes so good when I get her completely aroused. She is dripping wet and ready for me. And, that is just the beginning of our fun. Curious to know all that we do in our place? You have to call to find out!