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He stands me up and leads my naked body to the bedroom. 

Once we get into the bedroom I assume the position I know best. On my hands and knees looking up at him. He undresses and I take that cock balls deep down my throat again. My bare little pussy is dripping down my thighs. With each thrust of his cock down my throat, my pussy tingles and tightens like it could cum at any moment. I have never been the type of girl that had to play with herself while sucking cock to cum. It instantly makes me want to squirt just having a cock balls deep in my mouth. He starts fucking my face harder while his big cum filled nuts beat up against my chin. I know that if I am a good little whore for daddy, he will give me his yummy cold cum cubes that he has saved for me. 

My spit is dripping down my chin, neck, and tits. 

As my nipples get hard and brush up against his thighs, I take a break from that dick down my throat and suck on those juicy cum filled balls. They are so full. I am hoping to get more jizz out of them so that I can have even more cold cum cubes! He picks my body up and throws me on the bed. I get on all fours as he shoves his cock straight into my pussy. I yelp and moan begging him to fuck me. My twat is squirting down his cock as he pounds himself in and out of me. Cumming on his so swollen hard cock makes me go crazy! My pink little hole, that he owns is stretching to the max around his fuck stick. As I keep cumming, he does not slow down or go softer. I love this cock! 

Ramming himself harder and faster, I cum a second time, even a third time. 

As he is about to bust, he pulls his cock out of me and takes the tray next to the bed. He starts to fill the tray up with all of his juice. I am getting excited! I want my cold cum cubes since I was a good girl! He goes to put his sperm in the freezer and takes out two of the cubes that were already frozen from the last time that I got his nut! He pops them into my mouth and pats me on the head telling me how much of a good girl that I am.

I just can not stop being a cum hungry whore! I’m a cum dump that craves and aches for cum. It is an urge that I can not fight off. My taste buds and my holes crave that nectar! I crave cold cum cubes almost as much as I crave being a submissive cum dump whore. It makes my pussy wet to worship a fat cock and to milk it dry.

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