I will never forget my cocksucking lesson from Mommy.

When I was 13 years old, a family moved in across the street.  It was a big family with four sons.  The oldest boy was 17 years old.  From my bedroom window, I would watch him mowing his lawn, shirtless, tanned and muscular.  I waited until he went inside the house, then I would climb into bed and masturbate.  It usually didn’t take me long to cum.  The day finally came when I got a cocksucking lesson from my Mommy.

She walked in on me one day, right in the middle of a masturbation session.  My neighbor had been passing a football with his brother in the street and I couldn’t resist daydreaming about what it would be like to taste his sweaty skin.  My eyes were closed as I rubbed my teenaged clit, fantasizing about him climbing into my bedroom window and forcing his cock into my mouth.  

“Are you masturbating?” said my mom from the doorway.   I shrieked and pulled the covers over me, yelling at her to get the fuck out of my room.  After calming me down, she sat with me and asked me how much I knew about sex.  The truth was that I knew very little about it.  

We had an eye-opening discussion about sex.  Mommy told me about the things that men and women do together.  I was especially curious about oral sex.  Mommy explained that if a man knew how to do it right, it would feel even better than rubbing my own clit did.  She told me that it was also very important to learn how to please a man with my mouth.  

“I want to be really good at it.”  I said.

“I can demonstrate for you, if you want.  I’m really good at sucking cock.”  Mommy said.

“But how will you show me?  Do we need a cucumber or something?”  I laughed.  Mommy said she’d be right back and left my bedroom for a minute.  I glanced out my window.  My neighbor was still outside, jogging up and down the street, passing the football and laughing with his younger brother.  I really wanted to learn how to please him.  I wanted to be the girl who pleases him the most so that he would always want me and would never forget me.

Mommy came back into my bedroom with her dildo and the cocksucking lesson began.  

“Hopefully, your friend out there has a cock that’s about this big.” She held up the blue dildo which I estimated to be about 8 inches long.  I nodded my head.  That did seem like a decent size.  

“Wrap your lips around the head.”  Mommy demonstrated.  “Use your tongue and your lips.  Squeeze and suck.”  Mommy showed me how.  “And move  your head around like this.  Lots of motion.  You try.”

She handed me the dildo and I began to suck and slurp. I moved my head around in circles just like Mommy showed me and held it firm while I moved my tight lips up and down the toy.  I didn’t notice the noises that came from outside.  The football had been tossed into our yard and my neighbor had jogged over to retrieve it.  It had landed just outside my window.

In the middle of my cocksucking lesson, as I was focusing on getting the dildo deeper into my mouth with each thrust, I opened my eyes and glanced out my window.  My neighbor was standing just outside, frozen, eyes and mouth open just staring at me.  As soon as our eyes made contact, he whirled around and ran away.

I gasped and looked at Mommy.  “Why didn’t you tell me he was out there?”  I asked.

She smiled and shrugged her shoulders.  “I thought you might want to give him a preview of your skills.”  she said.  

She was right.  My neighbor actually ran into his house to jerk off in his bathroom after watching my cocksucking lesson for a minute.  It didn’t take long for him to come over to introduce himself to the hot young and highly skilled neighbor… and her mother.

But that’s a story for another time.  

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