We Were Going To A Wild Halloween Party

This girl at work and I really get along, she hasn’t been here that long. But we really are on the same wavelength and have the same sense of humor. With Halloween coming up, she asked if I had any plans and I said no. But I sure used to love getting dressed up when I was a kid. She then said she was going to a costume party of a friend of hers. And I was more than welcome to come along, but these friends of hers were a bit wilder than she was. So to be prepared. I laughed and said ok, I was game. I liked to dress up and I liked to get drunk. So it wound be fun . I went to a costume rental place and got a sexy outfit to wear.

 I Was More Than Just Drunk I Felt Drugged

We went to the party and there were several dozen people there, all dressed up. Most seemed to be drinking and some were a bit drunk, but not doing anything too crazy. I was handed a drink and was mingling with the people I didn’t know, but getting along ok. I put down my drink. When I went to go to the washroom and I came back and it was where I left it. And I finished it and within around ten minutes I started to feel a bit funny. Not regular drunk, but a bit dizzy. And I wondered if someone put something in it when I left the room for a few minutes. My friend came over with this good looking guy and she seemed a bit drunk herself. The punch was a bit strong for sure.

 Before I knew It We Were Both Sucking His Cock

She grabbed me by the hand and we went with this good looking guy she met.And into a spare bedroom upstairs and they started to kiss me on the bed and undress. I didn’t resist, or even want to. Soon we were all nude and my friend and I were on the floor in front of this guy. Sitting on the bed sucking his cock together, French kissing at the head of it. Swirling our wet tongues all over the head and licking the pre cum off and kissing each other in between.

 We Kissed And Fondled Each others Tits

It was all a surreal haze. All of us drunk and perhaps a bit more from something in our drinks. He soon got on his back on the bed. And I lowered myself down on his cock as she rode his face while facing me. And she and I kissed and fondled each others breasts. As we got licked and fucked at the same time.
gisele 4 I gripped his dick with my cunt as I rode up and down on him. Fuck, I didn’t even know his name. I felt like such a slut, but it felt so good. I knew I was half out of it, but I just wanted to cum. And I soon did as I was kissing my friend and she came on his face. We soon re dressed and went back to the party. The next day It was like a drunk, foggy dream, but a sexy one.
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