Classroom Foot-job

The lights went off and the teacher’s lecture began but I wasn’t in the mood for that to listen to the teacher ramble on.  I slipped my foot out of my slip on sneaker and rubbed my bare toes against my neighbor Nick’s leg the second day in a row.  Nick looked at me, he was horny but shocked that I was doing it again. He loved to get a foot-job. He quickly wrote something down on a piece of paper. Slide the note across the table and into my hand.  Unfolding the note it read, “don’t moan so loud this time.”  Holding back a chuckle folding the note, kicking off my other sneaker and placed them in Nick’s lap.

  Dropping his hands to my feet feeling the sweat between my toes sliding down to my soft soles feeling him getting hard beneath my feet.  Carefully rubbing the fat bulge with my left heel.  Nick closed his eyes slowing pulling down the zipper on his pants pulling his thick cock from its confinement.  Reaching into my laptop bag pulling out my favorite bottle of massage oil and slipped it into Nick’s hand.  Oozing some drops on my toes and his throbbing cock, watching his excitement massaging the oil all over my feet.  The pleasure on his face said it all when my slippery feet glided up his cock told me how much he loved the oil.  Gliding my feet up and down his throbbing shaft, so easily the oil made my little feet glide effortlessly on his fat

  Gliding my feet up and down his throbbing shaft, so easily the oil made my little feet glide effortlessly on his fat 8-inch cock.

It was so thrilling of giving him an oily footjob in a classroom filled with over 50 people.  Moving my feet up and down loving the feel of the veins bulging out from the shaft, his mushroom head pressed against my soft slippery soles.  I watched excitedly as my arches glided faster up and down Nick’s delicious cock.  It was so good I wanted to feel his cum between my toes and to my heels.

  Grabbing my ankles and started to press tighter Nick jerked my feet faster up and down his throbbing shaft.  I kept going faster and faster. Finally, I was rewarded with a low grunt and the warm, wet stickiness of cum trickling down my arches.  Without thinking I took my feet off his cock rubbing my heels and toes together covering both my feet in his thick, warm load and back into my sneakers.  Watching Nick zip up his jeans wiggling my cum covered toes. I love to give a classroom foot-job.

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