Circle Jerk Bait. One of my crazy fantasies is to lay in the middle of you and all your friends.

 As  I lay there fucking myself, all of you are watching, yanking, jerking, and aiming your cocks right at my body.  

I open my mouth wide in anticipation of the fresh milk you guys just juiced to squirt and explode all over me!”

Anyone who knows me… Knows that when I go out on a night on the town, it is either to bring home a dirty slut like myself or find a boy toy who wants a dirty slut for himself.  I love random sex.  I love anywhere, anytime sex!  Guess that is why I specialize in no taboo freaky fucktivities!  I became an addicted bukkake slut a while back.  At a gentlemen’s club one of the dancer did not show up.  At the time I was just a cocktail waitress. My boss asked me if I wanted to take my career up a few notches.   I looked at him and knew that this was the perfect opportunity to get what I wanted!

I told my boss what my plan was.  He gladly obliged to the new show I was about to put on for the guys.  He went up on stage and made his announcement for all the dirty boys to gather around me.   However if they wanted a close enough experience they had to be completely naked.  There was about eight to ten guys in this circle jerk.  I crawled in front of each of them sucking their cocks until they were all rock hard.  Then I put a shit eating grin on my face and took out my HUGE purple fuck toy……..

Want to hear the rest of this fuck fest?  Are you dying to know if I swallowed ten loads of cum?

Exhibitionism Phone Sex