There’s Never a Dull Moment When You’re a CIA Seductress Assassin

My adventures as a CIA Seductress Assassin are always interesting, occasionally fun, and sometimes terrifying. The conclusion to this saga falls into the ‘terrifying’ category. Be sure to read parts one and two to catch up. 

In a Strange Place 

After my battle with Cobra One, his sports car flipped multiple times and I blacked out. The next thing I remember is waking up in a strange unfamiliar place. I was in a bedroom I didn’t recognize, confused, disoriented and naked. My arms and legs tied to each bedpost, I couldn’t move. I tried to speak but I couldn’t, a cloth gag was wrapped around my mouth. My screams were muffled as I tried to kick and break my arms free. But it was to no avail, I was securely tied and only wore myself out. 

Why had Cobra One kept me alive, I wondered. Does he know I’m a CIA Seductress Assassin? Does he plan to extract information from me? Just as my mind was racing, the door creaked open. A familiar face peeked in. It was the bellboy from the hotel! I felt my heart leap in hope. But it quickly vanished when I saw his menacing grin as he entered the room. The sweet innocence I saw in him before had vanished, now replaced by cold dead eyes. I shivered in fear. 


Then, it all came back to me. After the car flipped, I confirmed Cobra One was definitely dead, then crawled out of the wreck. I remember seeing the bellboy in the hotel van parked on the side of the road. He had followed us! As he helped me into the van, a sense of relief came over me. Then, I passed out, and now, here I was, held captive in his home. 

He approached me slowly, admiring my naked body like a meal he was about to feast on. “This is your new home. You belong to me now,” he said factually. “I knew when you sucked my cock that there was no way I could let you get away.” I could only stare in disbelief as he spoke. 

Then he began to undress. His cock was already stiff and he seemed like he could cum just from the sight of my naked body. He got on top of me. Being unable to move and at his complete mercy gave me flashbacks to my time at the Sex Doll Brothel.

He began excitedly pounding into my tight twat and sucking my huge tits, he came quickly. Then he dove down and began worshiping my pussy like it was his goddess. He enjoyed my cream pie and licked me clean. I actually started to enjoy it as he flicked my clit sensually with his tongue. I came hard in his mouth and he licked me clean again. 

Trained to Kill

Being tied down was kind of hot, I’ve done this before. But there was no way I was going to be held captive by this little psycho. He was going to pay for this, with his life! He has no idea I’m a CIA Seductress Assassin who is not only trained in the art of seduction but trained to kill. 

I couldn’t help it, he made me cum again as he cleaned my little pussy for the second time. Then he told me he’d never done anal and wanted to try it now. He untied my legs so he could hold them up as he entered my ass. Again, he came pretty fast in my tight ass.

He tied my legs up again and said he would be back later. I used that time to try to loosen my straps. I waited, spread eagle for the next time he wanted to use my body. 

My Escape

He returned later carrying the stiletto heels I had worn the night before, what I used to get away from Cobra One. “I loved the way you looked with these and nothing else,” he said as he put the shoes on my feet. “I’m going to untie your legs again so I can fuck that tight little ass, and if you’re a good girl, I’ll take the gag out.”

All I could do was nod. He unstrapped my legs then held my legs back and started fucking my ass. During, he took my gag off and started kissing me and sucking my huge tits telling me he loved me over and over. 

Once he came, he sat back on his knees and I took my shot. With my legs still up in the air, I leaned back more for momentum then used the spike of my 6-inch heel and stabbed him forcefully and deeply right in the eye. He gasped just once then collapsed on the bed beside me. I pulled the spike out and blood rushed from his eye. 

It took a while, but I finally got my arm straps off. I dressed in my lost and found outfit, grabbed my heels, aka the murder weapon, and took off without looking back. 

My first mission as a CIA Seductress Assassin definitely didn’t go as planned but at least I didn’t leave any witnesses. 


What would you do with a captured CIA Seductress Assassin?

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