The Chronic Panties Sniffer!

I and my sister are VERY close. I love her so much and she is my best friend. She knows all of my secrets and I know all of hers. But I have to admit that there is just one thing that she doesn’t know about me. My sister travels a lot because of her job and I house-sit for her when she is away. I take care her of dog and water her plants but the one thing that she DOESN’T knows that I do while she is gone is that I love to…sniff and lick her panties. 

I can’t help myself and my sister has no idea that I do this when she is away. I love the smell of her used and cream-filled panties. Her pussy has such a sweet smell and the way her panties smell after a long day of wearing them drives me crazy! I especially like the ones that she wears to the gym. They are filled with her delicious smell and yummy pussy juice. When I pick her panties out of the dirty clothes hamper and peel back the crotch part, the creamy crust that was left behind by my sissy’s tight pussy is so thick. Before I take the crust in my mouth I scratch it a bit on my teeth so that I can get the full aroma from my sister’s pussy. Then I basically make love to her underwear in her bed.

I rub her panties all over my face and then I lick them and suck the creamy crust off at the same time.

Doing this makes my pussy so wet. When I touch it while her undies are in my mouth my clit is swollen and throbbing. Rubbing her panties all over my tits, stomach, thighs and pussy makes me feel close to my sister when she’s away for a long time. I truly believe that she is the love of my life. While I’m pushing her panties into my pussy hole I whisper her name. I love the feeling of her panties up against my pussy because its like she’s really there making love to me. I’ll do anything for my sissy.

I cum so hard while rubbing her panties up against my clit. It’s the best fucking feeling to squirt all over her panties and drench them in my squirt cum while I scream her name. I don’t know why I haven’t told her that I do this while she’s away. For some reason, I feel like I want to keep this part of my secret from her. Maybe I will get up the nerve one day, climb into bed with my sissy and wake her up by eating her pussy. Until then, I have her panties to make me feel good when she’s away.

What about you? Are you a secret panty sniffer like me? Tell me all about your used panty fetish and if you’re a good boy maybe I’ll send you a pair of my cum laced panties…

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