Christmas Is The Best Time To Play

I’ve always loved Christmas time, it’s my favorite time of the year. We’ve been lucky and gotten a good amount of snow already. And even though it’s a bit childlike, every year I always enjoy making a snow man. This year my boyfriend helped me and when we were making it, he was being a bit kind of silly and put the carrot that was meant for the nose a little further South. if you get my meaning, lol. I said we can’t have a snowman with an erection, the neighbors would complain! I was laughing and so was he, and we tumbled in the snow, kissing and laughing.
We kissed for a few moments. But as fun as that was, it was a bit cold out for fooling around. And the snow had melted from my body heat and my clothes were all wet. So we got up and ran back in the house. Our naughty snowman proud and hard for all to see on the front lawn. No doubt the younger neighbors would point it out to their parents and ask about it. We ran inside and stripped off our wet clothes and sat on the rug in front of the fireplace. And soon were dry and resuming our make out session with the fire crackling beside us, it was so romantic. The Christmas tree looked beautiful, as we began to make love beside it.

He Fucked Me Passionately

I could feel the warmth of the fire a few feet away through the glass screen in front of it. And he kissed my neck and my lips as he rubbed his fingers on my wet pussy. I was so wet for him. Feeling him stroke my stiffened clit as his tongue explored my mouth. I lay there and basked in the firelight and his attentions and soon he was on top of me. He was fucking me passionately, his hard cock plunging deep inside of me all the way up to his balls. My legs tightened around him, pulling him deeper into me. Squeezing his ass cheeks in my hands and then running my nails up his back and across his shoulders.

I was rewarded With A Mouthful Of Jizz

The Christmas music played softly in the background as we enjoyed one another on the fur rug. In front of the fire. After fucking for a while, I took his wet, juicy cock that was covered in both of our juices. And began to suck on it. Looking him right in the eye, licking the head of it tasting myself on it. He loved watching me be a dirty girl for him, and I loved it as well. I caressed his balls, and I could hear him breathing deeper as he got closer to cumming. It wasn’t longer before I was rewarded with a mouthful of his salty jizz that I swallowed down.
I was then laid back on the rug as he knelt down between my legs and lapped up my wetness and sucked on my clit. I squirmed underneath him and his tongue brought me to a glorious climax, and then we just cuddled there on the rug and enjoyed the Christmas music for a while before we got up to have a hot shower and make dinner together. It was a wonderful and romantic day.
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