🎄🎄Christmas Office Party 🎄🎄

Christmas Office Party – most people attend at least one a year, I would think. But I’m pretty sure yours is absolutely no match for mine!

Dad had his annual Christmas Office Party last weekend, and it was better then any he’s ever had before. Usually Mom would attend something like this. But she’s been a little under the weather, so she suggested her daughter take her place. Since I was getting a new dress out of the deal, I agreed. Dad said it should be red, short, and sexy as fuck. I couldn’t help but feel a little wicked when he said that. My pussy was tingling knowing that Dad wanted me to be arm candy for the night.

The entire room watched when I walked in, and twenty minutes into the party, I knew why. Dad had told all the office guys that I was one hot fuck. I thought it was our secret, but apparently, he’d let them all know about my tight little pussy.

One by one, they asked me into the back office. Of course I went. I wanted my dad to be the most liked guy at the office. Blowjobs at first, then his boss came in and demanded I bend over his desk. Dad is up for a promotion this year, and I’ll cinch that deal with my tight young pussy.

The CEO came inside of my pussy, slapping my ass and telling me not to get pregnant. Little does he know I have a huge impregnation fetish and that I’m not on the pill. To be honest, I’m sure that my dad planned it that way. He can run the company if I do get knocked up. The dirty boss won’t want his wife to know he knocked up some young pussy at the Christmas Office Party… so whatever.

I spent the rest of the night walking in my slutty dress and my dirty panties full of cum and everyone noticed that a yummy flow of jizz was dripping down my leg. Dad saw it too, and gave me a nice, proud smile.

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