Why I Love Selling Dirty Panties

Selling dirty panties is definitely something I LOVE doing while working at Phone Sex Kingdom! It’s so hot for me to think about doing a guided masturbation call with you… While getting off together as you soak in the smell or taste of my dirty panties. I always make sure my sexy panties are prepared however you want them.

Whatever your fetish is when it comes to panties, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied when you get mine. Do you just want me to wear them around for a few days? Maybe you prefer them smelling like my favorite perfume? Perhaps you want me to squirt in them a few times before sending them your way?

Or do you want to get really kinky with me and wear them after one of my fuck buddies cums inside my tight little pussy? That way you can enjoy a nice big creampie from the girl who loves selling dirty panties?

When it comes to selling dirty panties, the choice is yours…!

Wet, smelly, and saturated with lust, my dirty panties are the sexiest out there. I know it’s a little taboo, but what better gift that the scent of an erotic woman? Especially when you and I are on an orgasmic call together.

So, my dirty little panty boy… You see now that there’s no need to keep stealing panties and thongs from your sister, wife’s best friend, or your mother. Nope, you don’t need to take the chance of getting caught. You can order whatever panties you wish, however you want me to prepare them for you and you’ll get them nice and fresh too. If you like the thought of really getting dirty with my soaking wet undies, I got you covered, baby.

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French Whore Carmen