Here’s my Christmas gift to you: this Christmas animal sex story is 100% true.

I’ve been looking for some adventure to write about, and my friend Nick gave me the opportunity for some Christmas animal sex. You should know by now that I love playing with animals, given my story earlier this month, which was “creatively” titled “Girl Penetrated by a Big Dog Cock”. 

Up here in Alaska, we’ve got all sorts of animals you don’t have in the lower 48. (Canadian readers, ignore this. We’re totally the same). We’ve got musk ox, polar bears, moose, caribou, and reindeer. The difference between the last two animals is simply if they’ve been tamed; caribou have not been tamed, and reindeer have been made to serve people. Another trivia fact: Do you happen to recall the most famous reindeer of all?

I’m just messing with you. But let me present two more reindeer facts. The males begin to lose the velvet on their antlers during rut (September), and after they have pestered all the women reindeer for sex, their antlers fall off in December.

So when my friend Nick mentioned 1) no aggressive rut and 2) no antlers to attack me with, I agreed to his proposition of 3) wanna jack a reindeer off?

I mean, how can a girl say no to that?

A Big Red Something

Nick owns a reindeer farm, where he keeps his males separate and away from the ladies so they don’t attack each other much in rut. But he had one he wanted to introduce me to, already tied to a post in the barn. So we walked into the barn, my nose filling with musk and thick, oily scents over the smell of poo. Nick led me across the straw-covered floor to the only occupied stall, where a tall, bright-eyed reindeer nosed at food in a bucket nearby.  “This is Rudolph,” he announced, shutting the door to the barn.

“Rudolph?” I asked him.

“He’s got a big red something.” Nick shrugged, taking off his gloves, and motioned for me to do the same.

Meeting Rudolph 

Huh. I reached up to pat Rudolph’s nose, and the reindeer huffed at my hand for a second before moving back to food. “He’s really muscular,” I muttered.

“Yeah. We have him pull the sleigh at the Christmas exhibit for the tourists.” Nick opened the pen. “Come on, Elise. I wanna see you go for it.” His grin got me all excited, seeing a challenge in his eyes.

“Of course,” I assured him, taking off my hat and scarf, piling them over with my gloves. And in one quick motion, I pulled off my coat, my sweater, and my bralette, leaving my chest completely naked.

Nick shut up real quick at that, and I laughed, though the cold air made me shiver just a little bit. I mean, he and I could see that my nipples were pebbling in the air, and any step I took just made them bounce. Nick’s face was red, but I knew he’d be jacking off at this.

I stepped in the pen, and Rudolph snorted, taking a moment to adjust to me. He nosed at my shoulder, wondering where my fur had gone, and a bit of spit only caused me to get colder. But he adjusted and I began petting his fur, so he’d know where I was at all times.

I dipped my hands down to his stomach, his fur all nice and thick. “Good boy, Rudolph,” I praised, while Nick muttered something about this being the hottest thing he’d ever seen. I flipped him off before moving my hand gently on Rudolph’s flank, moving to a thick patch of fur in between his back legs. “It’s small.”

“It gets bigger, Elise. Like a dog’s cock.”

Christmas Animal Sex 

Well. Nothing to do but start moving my hands then. Soon something red began to peek out of the fur, growing, and growing and-

“A fucking big red cock,” I uttered, my mouth watering. The length of it was the length of my forearm. I wrapped my hands around it- nice and lubricated for me. Rudolph shifted, his hips moving his cock against my hands.

“Fuck yes,” I heard Nick whimper behind me, as I moved to my knees to better see what was going on. Rudolph’s cock was dribbling over my hands, and I opened my mouth to suck that thing. If I didn’t, my pussy was going to demand that cock go inside her, and I knew I couldn’t handle that.


I’ll work up to it.

Salty and musky precome dripped over my mouth, Rudolph continuing to make rutting motions. I swallowed some down and moved my head away, my hands continuing to jack him off. Soon, the muscles under that fur flexed, Rudolph snorted, and my hands were covered in creamy cum.

Nick’s hands were about the same.


Want to talk more about my adventures in regards to this Christmas animal sex?

Then call for phone sex of our own!

Christmas Animal Sex