Do you remember getting talked to about choking games growing up?

Were you one of the kids in school who played choking games? I know I was. I was one of the reasons the schools started holding the don’t choke each other seminars. Not me particularly. I never did anything stupid enough to end up caught by teachers! But… I guess some kids were passing out or whatever and someone must have snitched because the teachers sat us all down to warn us of the dangers of choking each other. We were under strict scrutiny, so we had to take our games to a less supervised environment. My friends’ houses This proved both fun and exciting.

One day, I was at a birthday party for one of my male friends and he and I were chilling in his bedroom trying to get high off of choking each other. He wrapped his hands around my throat and squeezed. Pressure built in my face and it felt tingly and numb. Then, he released. My hands were too little, so he had to lay on the floor and I climbed on top of him with my hands resting on his throat. I leaned my weight into my hands until he looked like he really needed air, then released. I felt something poking me, so I peeked down. No way! Did he get hard from that? I teased him a little.

I pointed to it and asked, “what’s this?”

He, of course, shouted nothing and tried to hide it, but I pinned his arms down. I was already straddling him. I rocked my hips over his and his hard-on worsened! He totally wanted it! He tried to struggle free, but I wrapped my hands around his throat again and began to squeeze. His eyes popped wide open in fear and excitement. I giggled and proceeded to dry hump him. I felt him grow and grow through his jeans. Then, I stopped to give him air and to stare down at his pulsing erection. I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, giving him an “I knew it” look. Once his cock was out, I jerked it a couple of times and continued to choke him.

Both were impossible at once, so I took his hand and moved it over to his cock. He looked confused as he slowly struggled for air again. I wrapped his own hand around his cock and moved it in a jerking motion. I let him have air once more and he gasped. He gave me a wary look but then proceeded to jerk his cock off in front of me, despite his obvious embarrassment. I returned his look with a malicious smile. He had no choice but to rub his cock in front of me! I bet no girl had ever seen his cock previous to that moment. He sure acted like it. How Adorable!

This stood as the first time little Sam witnessed something sexual!

All under my control. I liked the power. In my hands was the power to cause him fear, humiliation, or ecstasy. How about all three. That is the good thing about choking games. They combine fear and ecstasy. As he jerked off with more confidence, I wrapped my tiny little manicured fingers around his throat. Both hands. I leaned into them as they rested right below his Adam’s apple.  He started jerking his dick more fervently. It was as if I could actually physically see the blood drain from his face and end up straight in his cock.  I slowly grew concerned as he grew dizzier and dizzier looking, but his hand just kept working and jerking so I kept up.

I looked straight int his eyes as he erupted all over the front of his own shirt. How helpless he seemed. I erupted into laughter. Haha! I had him completely at my mercy, even then. I gained a thirst for power that never was quenched. Ever since then, I love intimidating men and owning their cock. Owning every fiber of their being, all due to some silly little choking games. He, of course, changed his shirt and avoided me in shame forever.

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